1. One of my eBay auctions just ended for a LV bag. I just sent an invoice to the buyer and she sends me an email in all caps saying she didn't mean to hit the button and she can't afford this bag. Appreciate your input.:confused1:
  2. Come on!!! These people really tick me off.
    You'll have to wait the seven days to file a NPB.
    IMO you should not agree to cancel the sale. I am seeing way too many of these excuses from buyers, we need to get the strike on their account so they will be serious about bidding in the future.

    In the meantime, you can send a second chance offer.
  3. the bid button is not like you hit it and it bids for you...
    it's not a very good excuse.
    and you will endup paying for her mistake...
    I agree with rBaby.
  4. :tup: agree 100%
    so she just decided to bid on a item put in her max bid confirm the bid and yet it was a accident. BS!!

    file a NPB!!
  5. Thanks, do I have to wait the 7 days?
  6. yes you have to wait till 7 days
  7. I had the exact same thing happen to me yesterday. I had a number of watchers and several outstanding offers when someone BINs it. She immediately emails me and said she bought it by mistake!!! WTF!!??? Then she keeps emailing me asking me to reduce the shipping. I could have sold the darn thing to someone who intended to pay. Now I have to deal with this liar.
  8. OMG people make me mad!! I just had not one but TWO NPB's recently for cheapo pairs of shoes (one was $30, the other was $16). I mean, seriously, DON'T bid if you can't or won't pay!!
    But anyway I agree with rbaby, do file the NPB on her, there are a couple of steps to BIN so it's not just like, "oh oops I pressed the button." Also next time you might want to require immediate payment when you do the BIN option.
  9. Should I just ignore her email?
  10. ^^I would ask her to explain how she "accidently" bid on your item. Then explain to her that it cost money to list the item that you will not be able to get back.

    I mean come on, it's not like you just push a button and thats it! There are at least 2 steps BEFORE you confirm your final bid.

    I think if you agree to a mutual withdrawal you don't have to wait the 7days, but I am with the others, you should at least give her a strike. I have a no response non-paying bidder now as is getting really annoying!