Came across this when browsing through eBay (just to look at the foresta print!!)

    What the heck is this? :confused1: Its a blah blah inspired bag but does UO (Urban Outfitters) really sell these bags? Cute but HUH?!?! So confused.. :confused1:


    Came across another one.. I can see the "Flowers Spring" on this "Luna" bag so it must be made with the fake print fabric. The thing is, did this eBay really get it from UO?? I cant believe that UO would sell such a thing..
  2. Guh! I am confuzalled too . . . :upsidedown:
  3. Lately urban outfitters sell lesportsac fafiness bags, and some authenic accessories. I don't think they carry these "designer inspired" ones.
  4. I am thinking the seller just stuck the words "urban" and "outfitters" into the title to make it seem like they got it from UO and to make buyers think it was authentic. sneaky ...
  5. Haha ii've seen these on eBay too. Ebay seller do keyword spamming to attract more buyers thats why there is all that stuff in the title.
    I know they are called inspired bags surely these shouldnt be allowed. I would have thought all the characters and prints are copyrighted.
  6. Definitely keyword spamming and misleading titles. I saw a lot of fake classic LeSportsac bag on the market which has the same pics ... like the sunglasses beside the bag.
  7. so scary.

    i just found a few fakes going on ebay near 60 dollars!!!

  8. Thanks girls! I never knew what keyword spamming was until now!! Thanks for the headsup :tup:
  9. Eh, yeah beware Dana...beware lol.