Huh, what's this then???

  1. Something came to my door :graucho:

    Whatever could it be?

    Is that a little bit of red peeking out of the top?

  2. Here it Burgundy biker snake Radiant! :yahoo:

    It looks just like jmcadon's bag, but I thought I'd post pictures anyway. Thanks for all the comments on this bag when I asked about it. What a great bag and it hangs well on my shoulder. There is something really soft and squishy about the handles, too. I like the secure center zip section and the two side pockets. The designers over at Choo really do some thinking about what we girls need in a bag. Love it! :choochoo: :choochoo:
    radiant2.jpg radiant3.jpg radiant4.jpg radiant5.jpg radiant6.jpg
  3. Great Bag Jburgh It is TDF:drool::drool:

    I am so happy for you


    Which bag are you going to carry now;)
  4. Awesome bag - I love the color - where did you find her? Congrats!
  5. Beautiful handbag.
  6. :nuts::nuts::drool:GORGEOUS!

    I wish I'd fine a purple bag at my doorstep:love:
  7. Love it! Congratulations!:tup:
  8. congrats! Love the style and color. :drool:
  9. Gorgeous - congrats!;)
  10. Oh jburgh!!! Don't you just love this bag?:girlsigh: I love that it is not seen as much as the other Choo bags and it is so easy to get into...much more so than my Riki. I use mine for my weekend travel bag because of it's size which is large enough to stash extras, but doesn't look like a shopping bag when carried.
    After seeing your pics, I switched from my bronze Maddy.
    My only problem is it takes up all the room in the seat of our weekend toy car!:supacool:
  11. Gorgeous bag and colour!:okay:
  12. Congratulations - gorgeous bag for fall:tup:
  13. Oh, forgot to ask for action pics, I'd love to see how you wear red, I am totally clueless with bright colours in other seasons than summer.
  14. I LOVE this bag! I'm so glad you got it Jburgh! I have the biker Riki in this color and it's just different enough that it stands out in a crowd without being too over the top. The size looks great too....just a really pretty bag! :tup:
  15. Gorgeous. Enjoy it!