Huh. It finally happened to me...

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  1. Tonight as I was browsing tPF, a co-worker came up to me and just started in on me about buying expensive bags. She goes on about how she comes from a poor country (Haiti) and she just can't imagine spending $1k or more on a purse when blah blah blah---anyway I lost it! I told her she may come from a poor country but I don't and that I give plenty of money to charities and I work hard for my money and if I want to spend it on WHATEVER it's none of her business and I am hardly taking food out of her mouth etc etc, and then I flounced out of the room leaving her sitting there like :shocked: .

    I think I over-reacted....?
  2. What does it matter what she spends on bags and what you spend on bags. Very rude of her to start dissing you like that.
  3. ^^ITA She has no right to lecture you.:cursing:
  4. try to understand her, maybe she just wants to make you realize that there are more important things to do and buy with your money.... (knowing her who came from a poor family) .... you over reacted sis :smile:
  5. Good for you for not letting her get away with that! It is not her job to lay a guilt trip on you. I'm sorry for her hardships but how you spend your money is your business.

  6. Tricky tricky...

    Ok i think you have every right to defend your choices and what you buy or do not buy.

    The only thing i would say is that as a colleague, there might be some hurt feelings so it depends on the situation but i think it's worthwhile thinking about talking to her. You don't have to apologize but maybe say something like you didn't mean to hurt her feelings. you both have different perspectives etc etc and you feel like your choices were being dissed and you were hurt about that.

    If she ALWAYS says things like that, then maybe she needed that to shut her up!! :yes:
  7. Serves her right! She had no right to lecture you on your buying habits. Its none of her damn business. Why is she so concerned about your expensive purse taste?
  8. For the win!
  9. ITA with Nola!
  10. My Sister in Law has accused me of only buying 'name brand' items...If you can afford to buy what you like, why not? I understand where your co-worker is coming from, but it is none of her business what you do with your money.
  11. *sigh* You're not hurting anybody. It's none of her business. It's your life and you deserve to enjoy it.

    I took a friend of mine with to look at a little LV bag I wanted (which I did eventually purchase) which was $650. As we left the shop, she hissed "$650 for that, are you crazy?" I liked it, I wanted it, and that's that.

    What do people want? Shove the money in a bank? Mattress? Give it all away? I'll be the first to admit that we have it good here in the States. My dad worked very hard all his life, he paid for my education, got me started in a small business. I have a great husband, lovely pets, a small but nice home, and plenty of nice possessions. I was born lucky, and I supplemented that by working.

    One of my favorite things to do is feed the birds and squirrels in my backyard. I don't know if they can appreciate it, but I like them more than I like people, they are not rude or judgmental.
  12. it rattles my cage too.
    i'm not mega rich, the bags i buy i dont just go out and buy them off the hat, i do have to think about it and most of the time save my pennies to buy them!

    and dammit, if i want to save my money and buy an expensive bag then i will!
  13. I can completely understand why she would feel that way....even I often find myself conflicted about this issue.

    Knowing my bag could feed a handful of families for an entire year, etc, etc. BUT in the end it's YOUR money and YOUR choice and although she has every right to disagree with how you spend your money it wasn't her place to question you about what you spend it on.
  14. i get that crap all the time too, i dont listen. but i think its funny how i see the same girls at school who b$tch at me for buying bags dump 20 bucks a day in the vending machine when they tell me how BROKE they are and how HARD their life is. i still see them spending cash on ciggarrettes, coffee, food, alcohol, the bar, etc, so they cant be THAT BAD OFF.

    anyone that has enough to eat and a home has enough, and has no right to complain to anyone else imo.

    i just roll my eyes at them because they are all hypocrites imo for even buying a pack of cigarrettes and going to the bar then complaining about MY excesses.
  15. Very good point!!! :yes: