Huh? I don't get this...

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  1. I'm new to selling on ebay. One of my auctions ended yesterday with a winning bid of $69.00.

    This afternoon I get this email from the buyer:

    "Hello I am very sorry. I am not able to make this purchase. I am sooo sorry. :sad:"

    I honestly don't even understand the concept of bidding and not paying.

    Also, this is a newbie question, but if I leave this buyer negative feedback, can they just turn around and do the same to me?
  2. You cannot leave negative feedback for buyers unfortunately. Your best option is to cancel the auction. Then you will get the fees back. Use google to search and you can find directions on the eBay website.

    There are so many buyers like that. I sold an item and I did not hear from the buyer. 3 days later I email, and she replies "I will pay sometime in the next 5 days." Today days later she writes, "I will pay Wednesday. Or thursday if I am too tired when I get home Wednesday." :confused1::confused1: Why does the buyer think it is ok to bid and not pay? Or to bid and pay 1 week later?

    Sorry...... rant but I understand your frustration!
  3. You can't leave them a neg, because sellers can't leave buyers negs anymore.

    Did she give a reason, at all? Perhaps something unforeseen happened to prevent her paying?

    She sounds very apologetic, to be fair to her.
  4. You can't leave the bidder a negative. Only bidders can leave negatives to sellers, not vice versa. What you can do is start the non-paying bidder process to get your fees back. By doing so, you will (1) prevent the bidder from leaving you any feedback at all, negative or otherwise and (2) give the bidder a non-paying strike. Many sellers limit the number of strikes a bidder can get if they bid on their auctions. So, the NPB strikes are a very good method of keeping the non-paying bidders in check.

  5. Is she serious? How much energy does it take to pay for your purchase? Do you need the sale or can you just cancel it on her and leave her a strike? Sorry I don't know a lot about selling, but I wouldn't want to sell to HER.
  6. Tell her it's unfortunate to hear she will be unable to follow through on this contractual obligation and inform her that to recoup your listing and final value fees, you will file a non-paying bidder strike.

  7. agree here.. or perhaps buyers remorse..
  8. What a shame, why bother bidding if you're not going to pay? OP, you cannot leave feedback for buyers anymore but you can file non-paying bidder. Don't forget to put on your block list so they cannot bid on your auctions in the near future.
  9. I would email the seller and tell her something along these lines:

    I just wanted to let you know that you do have three days to make your payment. Then I will be filing a non-paid claim with ebay. eBay will then give you 4 more days to make payment on this item and at the end of the four days if I do not receive payment for your purchase, I will be closing your case in the Resolution Center as "unpaid" and ebay's Trust and Safety team will be alerted and will record the unpaid items on your account--this can lead to limits or suspension of your account.

    Once you close the case in the center you will receive back your final value fees.

    The buyer will then be unable to leave you feedback (it will be locked on their end) and you can leave the buyer feedback. Of course it must be positive feedback and I usually leave something like:

    glad ebay credited me back my ebay fees...but sad that this buyer never paid :sad:
  10. I had this happen the other day on a pretty pricey item I sold (not a fashion item, it was an entertainment item). It's too damn time-consuming to do an NPB strike, and she was very nice and apologetic about it, so I immediately did a Mutual Request to Cancel the transaction. Then the item immediately sold for more than what she was going to pay. If she'd been a buttmunch about it, I would have gone through with the NPB strike. :smile:
  11. ^^^ I Like your style, CoachGirl :smile:
  12. Thanks! I wasn't happy, and I think her reasoning was BS (I think she had buyer's remorse), but life's too short to be an ass on purpose. :smile: I have more important things to deal with. LOL
  13. CoachGirl has it right. I would rather cancel the auction thank to risk with NPB, that she will retaliate the you get a neg!
  14. If you plan on selling on ebay be prepared for this to happen more often than you think it would! Even with all the blocks I get a non-paying customer once every other week. I sell a lot though!! At least they contacted you and you can cancel the transaction!

  15. I agree with this. Because after the NPB strike is done she can't leave negative feedback, but until it is closed she can. I wouldn't risk it.