Hugs to who???

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  1. Do I spy a new smiley???


    Can it be???


    Well, lookie there!!! WE GOT US A PAIR OF HUGGIN' SMILEY'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wanted to do this for so long...

    Who do you want to send hugs to? There are so many of us who have been touched by someone or who we have reached out to sending hugs!

    First and foremost, I send :hugs:to Twinkie!! She introduced me to this place and we have been through SO much together!

    And then I send :hugs:to Speedy! I love, love, love Speedy!!!

    And then I send tons of :hugs::hugs: to all the LAMB ladies!!!! I have never felt SO welcome!!!


    Ok, I am done for now!

    Who do you want to send hugs to???
  2. Hugs to all of TPF!

    (why can't I find this smiley?)
  3. Aww, Sunny, You know I'll send them to you!! :hugs:

    Then there are the other two tPFer's I'd mostly be found A) in jail with or B) found trying to wipe the smug looks off our faces, Roo and Bag Angel!:hugs::hugs:

    Oh, and I can't forget My Sunshine, Amanda, Christina...:smooch::smooch::smooch:

    anddddd.... well, heck, everyone else!!!
  4. I don't know why I didn't see it before...:hugs:
  5. It's in the "more" smiles just clcik on the "more" at the left of the smiles.

    Oppps, I see you found it!
  6. To the original Big Hugs lady.........BAGNSHOO :hugs:with a plateful of meatballs.

    All my bookworm pals - you know who you are and your recommendations keep me awake at night, especially if it's Stephen King...:hugs:

    My dearest RAOK buddies who have sent me innumerable gifts and kind thoughts :hugs:

    B, my oldest tPF pal (you haven't mailed me in ages! How's school?) :hugs:

    Many others who I've met along the way.
  7. Hugs to my Saddlebag and Beauty Bar girls (and boys)!!! :hugs:

    And definitely hugs for Megs and Vlad and all the mods, of course! :hugs:


    ps- Does anyone else find it hilarious that the hug starts out as the :huh: face? I like their little arms too! :lol:
  8. I want to send a hug to Ranskimmie, Jill, Jillybean, Voodoo, and Swankymama:hugs::hugs:Your all the best!
  9. aw this thread is so cute...:hugs: to EVERYONE!!!
  10. Yay! I love this smiley! So cute!
  11. Lemme see here . . . .

    Rebecca :hugs:

    and John 5:hugs:for introducing me to this place!
    (And now my John is moderator of Louis Vuitton! :tup::cry: *sniff sniff* I'm so proud!)

    There's more, I just have to think of them!
  12. Aw thanks, Caitlin!!!
    :hugs: to everyone here!

    Lol I'm also quite partial to this one: :jrs:
  13. You know, I think I owe a whole bunch of peoples hugs! I titally forgot about Keodi, KOAKim, Caitlin, LVBabyDoll, Megs and Vlad, Candance (where is she anyway?) TTucker, ALL the folks who were in the RAOK thread for me, everyone else who said a prayer for my dog Tip, gosh, a good 10,000 of the members here I can't remember their names! But the new smileys are terriffic! Big hugs to whoever did those!
  14. So many, I send :hugs:to everyone in tPF. Especially

    All the ROAK mods.
    and Vlad and Megs of course.

    and what the hell :hugs: to Charles too

    :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:
  15. and :hugs: to swankymama too