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  1. I went for shopping yesterday, shoe shopping:biggrin: ...I wanted to have MJ shoes, but very limited choices there. So, I bought this shoes, its from HUGO BOSS,l:love: . its around 245USD, cheaper then MJ.
    U guys think its cute?
    PICT3324.jpg PICT3327.jpg PICT3329.jpg PICT3328.jpg
  2. Way cuter than the MJ in my opinion! Good buy!
  3. very cute
  4. I like them! They're similar in style to a MJ shoe, with the cute ribbon, but have a slimmer heel for a sexier effect :biggrin:
  5. Super cute!!
  6. gorgeous!:heart:
  7. Those are super cute. I love the bow.
  8. Me loves :love:
  9. Watch out sexy mama!!!!
  10. I LOVE them!!!:love:
  11. Thanks everyone.. i love this shoes too, i cant wait to wear it!!!
    Its SUPER COMFORTABLE,,,the leather is very soft!
    Now I need to find one nice cute dress to match...hehhe...
  12. wow!
    the bow is lovely!
  13. very nice, they are lovely.
  14. i like them!!!
  15. Sooo cute!
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