Hugh Laurie...House MD...what is it about that man?

  1. I love House, such a great show. I adore Hugh Laurie on that show. I just saw him win a Golden Globe award and once again got to hear his true accent, and I was weak in the knees! He's so clever and funny and charming.....anyone else like him? He's much older than me but I still have a crush on him!
  2. I looooove Hugh Laurie and House MD! It's the only television I watch these days. I've got the first two seasons on DVD and love to re-watch them.. it never bores me!
  3. love this show.... can't get enough of it.. I told bf that if ever I get sick, we need someone like House... lol
  4. I thought he was amazingly funny and clever!
  5. I used to watch him in the UK when he was a comedian. I actually find it bizarre that he is on American tv acting as an American doctor.
  6. Oh he is awesome! I love the show. I read somewhere that he was a comedian in England before getting the part on House. He's a great actor!
  7. I just said he was a comedian in the UK and I used to watch him on tv! OK I'll be quiet now.

  8. Oh, I'm sorry! I'm watching this comedian on comedy central while TPF-ing! Ooops!
  9. I DO like House! :yes: Ooooh. Think I'll try to catch the Globes later JUST to hear his original accent! ;)
  10. I watched his stuff from the UK as well... such as Jeeves and Wooster. I didn't even know he was doing American television until one day I was flipping channels and saw him on. :confused1: I do admit it is a slight adjustment to see him speaking with an American accent. But I love the show and have been hooked every since seeing it. :smile:
  11. Love him, he´s got charisma.
  12. He's great! He's also in "Spooks" or I think the US has renamed it "MI-5" as an mean brit from another agency. The BBCAmerica cable network shows episodes of it every once in a while.
  13. Why is it that you all go ga-ga when a man has a British accent?

    I'm just curious what is so appealing about it?

  14. Oh Hugh Laurie is great!

    Hes been doing some teriffic stuff in the UK, hes a well renowned actor here.

    I saw House for the first time a few months back and had the shock of my life! I couldnt believe it! I thought it was his American twin or something! The accent is perfect! Hes normally sooooo English!
  15. I knew nothing about hugh laurie until I watched House. Then I saw him on the INSIDE THE ACTOR STUDIOS show and was shocked that he was a British...excellent actor..totally deserve the Award. I think his speech was funnier last year..
    And Oh, when he was in the 'Inside the Actor Studio ' Show, he was hilarious..