Hugh Hefner's last Will and Testament

  1. Specifics of Hugh Hefner's last Will and testament have recently been leaked. Here's the who gets what:

    *His girlfriends (providing they are still living with him at the time of his death):
    Holly-$3 million

    *His "estranged wife" Kimberley Conrad gets $12 million. I didn't know that they never got a divorce!

    *His daughter and two sons will split two thirds of his estate, estimated to be worth $600 million.

    *The Playboy mansion is never to be sold.

    (All pics are courtesy of E!Online)
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  2. Wow is all I could say:wtf:, why does Holly get the most, just curious:rolleyes:
  3. Who gets the other 1/3 of the estate, after paying out the wife and girlfriends? Maybe it goes into trust to pay for the house.
  4. Holly is the main girl. She's head diva.
  5. ^yep! The other 2 are just gravy! LMBO!

    Seriously, Holly is his real girlfriend, she sleeps w/ him. . . the other 2 are for his image.
  6. Some more fun facts :P :

    -Holly (25) moved into the mansion 2 days after their first date.
    -Brigit (31) sent her pictures in to Playboy, was turned down by the magazine, then Hef called her and asked her for a date--she thought it was a joke.
    -Kendra (21-yikes!) first met Hef when she showed up at the mansion for a party dressed only in body paint.

    O.K....I'm officially bored...
  7. :throwup:
  8. ^^lmbo P.p!!!
  9. More nauseating pictures for Kathryn...:throwup: ...hee hee...just joking!
    13.jpg 5.jpg 11.jpg 10.jpg 12.jpg
  10. This can't be right!! What's wrong with him,...he has no,. a-hem! *wee wee*
  11. Hmmm which one Holly, Brigit and Kendra?
  12. :roflmfao: Are you serious :wtf:
  13. Oh I didn't know that Swanky, I don't watch the girls next door, I can't do that to myself :throwup:
  14. In the last set of pics Petunia posted...
    in the 1st pic, from left to right, Kendra, Bridget, Hef of course and Holly in red!
  15. Hmmmm, why doesn't 'Holly' care about the other two??!!

    If it weren't for them she'd be getting FOUR mil...