Hugh Hefner Wants A Baby.........Soon

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    Playboy founder Hugh Hefner is pushing 81 and has just announced his plan to get one of his girlfriends, Holly Madison, pregnant. He already has four grown children and his oldest daughter is 54 and CEO of Playboy. Madison is 26, nearly half his daughter’s age, and is one of the stars of the reality show The Girls Next Door. I’ve only seen it once but there’s the sporty one, the sweet one, and the psychology grad student who comes off as doofy. Madison is the sweet one.

    Hef, who has four children from previous relationships, added of blond Holly: “She certainly has my heart, so maybe she’ll have my sperm too!”

    Hefner also credits Viagra for his fabulously debaucherous sex life, saying “In reality I don’t think I could be living this life without it.” :nuts:

  2. :throwup:
  3. I'm sorry, I think that's so unfair to do to the future kid. How much longer is Hefner going to live? I think it's cruel to make this kid grow up without his/her dad. At 81 years old, he's not going to be there for all the major events in his kid's life.
  4. I'm happy for Holly, i know she REALLY wants this
  5. ... no comments!
  6. :shocked:
  7. This is Holly's most cherished dream! Has the TV show been renewed? If the fertilization attempt is successful, the cameras can follow the whole course of the pregnancy.

    I wonder if the other two girlfriends will be phased out, or kept around as handmaiden-babysitters....
  8. my biggest issue would be being the girlfriend and making babies with an 81 year old...but she wants to and he wants to, so i guess there's no issues with them. it is kinda sad for the kid. hopefully holly will take great care of him/her.
  9. Holly does SO want this.
    If she wasn't so young I'd think it's crazy too, but the truth is, a baby will be born, Hef will pass shortly thereafter and the baby will have a newer, younger, more virile father, dontcha think!?

    I'd oddly happy for her, hopefully all the waiting for Hef pays off for her, she truly seems dedicated to him, she's a total sweetheart to him on the show.
  10. I like the show...but I believe they all want his money...
  11. wow.. is this even possible for him to get her pregnant?
    If thats what she wants.. then congrats to her!
    Though it comes off as quite ridiculous :s:shrugs:
  12. Holly is not sweet.. lol. I'm happy for her though and since that's what she wanted. I must admit I love watching this show! Kendra cracks me up.
  13. From watching the show, I would say that Holly is truly in love with Hef or she is the best actress in the history of the world. Nah....she loves him very much. The other two girls (supposedly) do not sleep with Hef at all, they are just there to look at, to keep his ego big or something like that. And Holly has wanted to have a child with Hef for a long time. She seems to be very mature on the show and I can see her being a good, loving mom.
  14. Kendra is a hoot on the show. I think its kind of sick but to each his own. Having his child would be the easy part for me, getting pregnant?:throwup:
  15. How did he pick which one of his girlfriends to fertilize?