Hugh Grant

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    Source: AOL

    Supposedly dated Jemima Khan for 2 years. She was married before and has 2 children. She is extremely wealthy. (her father well known in UK and very rich) They have been secretly engaged for 6 months. No comment from them, of course.
  2. no
    it's worldwide known they've been dating for a while now!!!
    they're such a sweet couple:love:
  3. I like his hair in this picture. Good for them.
  4. I saw them at the airport in Heathrow! It was so weird, he was right ahead me in line as we went through the security check and I was totally freaking out inside but trying to act cool. He looked a bit grouchy though because they were totally going through his girlfriend's suitcase.
  5. He's often said he only acts for the money. I heard him comment that he wants to quit acting because he is not enjoying it any longer. Marrying a rich heiress would probably help him in that endeavor ;)
  6. such a sweet couple wish them the best
  7. He did choose a wealty one and the rumor is they are engaged...we shall see on both his acting (if the career continues) and the marriage (if it is true)
  8. i love himmm
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    AS far as birthday surprises go, Hugh Grant’s shocking outburst is one Jemima Khan would rather forget…​

    Guests at her 33rd party in London on Tuesday were astounded to hear her boyfriend of three years accusing her of being a “dictator” and a nag.​

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    Jemima had made a joke about 46-year-old Hugh’s reluctance to commit which clearly irked the famously grumpy actor, leading to a big public bust-up.

    Our source at the bash, held at The George restaurant in Mayfair, tells us: “The night started off pretty well and they arrived looking very coupley.

    “But when Jemima started chatting to her guests she made a joke about commitment phobia that didn’t go down too well – to say the least.

    “She said, ‘If I had a child with Hugh, his dad would be 60 before he was even a teenager. That’s how long it takes Hugh to make up his mind’. Jemima also said that the promotional schedule for his new film, Music And Lyrics, meant that they weren’t seeing a lot of each other, which was obviously annoying her.”

    The About A Boy star then retaliated by accusing Jemima – who shocked snappers by going commando under her PVC dress on the night – of being a terrible nag.

    Our spy continues: “Hugh didn’t think her comments were appropriate at all. He told her: ‘You’re too overpowering, Jemima. Strong is one thing but you’re behaving like a dictator’.

    “Her comments weren’t intended to upset him but they’d obviously hit a nerve. The mood soured after that and although the couple tried to stay composed for the sake of their guests, it looked like they’d be continuing their row when they got home.”

    It’s not the first time Hugh and Jemima, who used to be married to cricketer Imran Khan, have rowed at a party.

    In 2005, at Elton John’s lavish White Tie And Tiara Ball, Jemima lost her rag and hurled a volley of four-letter abuse at Hugh after his former lover, Liz Hurley, seductively sucked his finger.

    So it was no surprise when Hugh recently admitted that he’d been left off the guest list for Liz’s March wedding to Arun Nayar.

    He said: “I don’t think many people invite their ex when they get married, so I’m not at all bitter, and there’s no bad feeling or weirdness, we’re just not invited.”

    Maybe Liz just didn’t want to be upstaged by him and Jemima arguing!​
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  10. I'm surprised that he's still doing the "bachelor" thing. I thought he would certainly be hitched to her by now....
  11. i think he's adorable, but his vanity fair interview was annoying, as is this. why can't he be as lovely as he is in movies?
  12. Jemima Khan is nothing but a reality show waiting to happen.

    I hope the wait will be a short one! ;)
  13. she's just...odd looking. i don't get it. and apparently he's an ass, so maybe they deserve each other.
  14. ^^^ She's not only looking odd, but also old, probably because she's all sooo skinny and has huge colagen lips. I love Hugh, at least in his movies, and I think he's really cute and sweet.
  15. ^^^agree