Hugged by my latest LV purchase.

  1. Last night I went to pick up a bag that I ordered a coupld of weeks ago. The bag was just under $1200 so I decided to get a pochette extender as well since it was Private Shopping Night at Holt and you have to spend $1250 to get a $100 gift card. I needed one anyway, so I figured it was worth it because other wise I would have got a $50 gift card. So I pay for my stuff and my SA tells me that they probably won't give me my gift card until after 6:30, I didn't really want to wait an hour or so for a gift card so he went and got one for me and had me sneak it into my purse.

    Then he comes around the counter to give me my bag and as he's handing me my bag he gives me a hug!! :shocked: I was a little shocked as I really didn't exect it. I have always been treated well by him, if fact he has me so spoiled I won't deal with anyone else. He's super sweet and has told me how I'm one of his favorite customers...but a hug?! I'm still kind of weirded out by the whole thing.

    Anyway here's my new bag!! :yahoo: I love the color. It's kind of big but I'm sure I'll get used to it. Also does anyone know how I can straighten out the drawsting?
  2. Wow! Cute bag. Congrats.
  3. love the color
  4. Hmm he sounds really sweet but the hug might have freaked me out alittle
  5. i loooove your mandarin epi noe!!! congrats!!!
  6. SOOO PRETTY!! :love: I think the drawstring will straighten out with use, but maybe someone else has a quicker solution.
  7. Wow that is gorgeous!!!
  8. Love the color.
  9. SO HAPPY you like the bag!!! GORGEOUS color!!!:love: I am doing this for you!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  10. aww your SA is so sweet.
    Which Holts to do you to? Vancouver by any chance? :smile:
  11. Great bag. Very nice. I understand you being a little freaked out. I had a male Hermes SA hug me AND kiss me on the cheek before I left the store once. Kind of shocked me.
  12. i love the colour of your new LV bag!!! hehehe, thats so nice of your SA to hug you!!! hehehe!!!
  13. I was at Holt last night too, but i was there after 6:30, which one were you at?:smile: I got myself priscilla:smile:) I love it!
    P.S. Love your bag!!
  14. I love your bag! The hug is kinda funny.
  15. congrats on epi! My female SA has hugged me, but it would probably take me back a bit too, if it was a man ;)