HUGE water stain on my HG: 07 black gsh brief


Oct 22, 2007
hi everyone! i found 2 water stains on the back of my bag (at least it's the back, i guess...) one is HUGE and is on the bottom right corner, the other, smack center on the bag. the smaller stain seemed to have dried, but the HUGE stain has dried and the texture has changed! it seems smoother... it's not as crackly and veiny (which i love...) and not as shiny.

i have let it air dry for about 8 hours now... will the texture ever be the same? i tried to do a search on textures after water spills, but found nothing. any opinions would be appreciated TIA!!!


Mar 1, 2006
In the sunshine!
It sounds like the water may have removed the finish. What you can try to do is take a soft cloth and buff the area in a circular motion and see if that helps bring the leather back to life.