HUGE Warning for anyone who uses CINGULAR


    Last week I received my Cingular bill and noticed a new "plan" featured on my bill. It showed that I was now receiving a limited time offer of unlimited text messages for three months.

    I did not add this feature, even though it was FREE, so I called CS and asked for an explanation as to why it was now on my plan. The Rep argued with me and tried to claim that *I* added this feature myself. I said, "NO, I did not add this feature, and you don't have proof that I added it, because I DID NOT ADD IT..." He then argued some more and claimed I had added it online into my account in August, which I also knew I had not. I told him he needed to provide me with PROOF that I logged into my account from my IP address and made the change. He said "We don't track that information.." (Idiot.)

    I then asked him to connect me with a supervisor, and he refused. He told me he had no supervisor. I then told him to cut the crap and get someone on the phone. Then he put me on hold. After a long time he came back on the line and informed me that someone from my LOCAL STORE had added this to my account. He gave me the name of the sales person who added the feature and telephone number of the store. I never got to talk to a supervisor.

    So after that, I called the store and talked to a manager there. It turns out that the person who "added" these features to my phone plan was the salesman who sold me my Palm Treo 8 months ago. He never called me to get my permission or consent to access my account. I am sure he thought he was doing me a favor, but I am extremely disturbed by this. The manager told me that he should not have done this without my consent.

    I called CS back AGAIN and spoke to another rep. I inquired as to whether I could put some kind of safeguard/password feature on my account so that this did not happen again. She stated that I could NOT- and that any salesperson in ANY CINGULAR STORE can access anyone's account at any time and see my payment details and social security number. She did notate the account that no changes were to be made without my consent. It is also disturbing because of the sheer number of people who have access to your personal details which can be used to commit identity theft or other crimes.

    I realize that this feature added to my account was FREE- but the issue for me is that this person in a Cingular store who I interacted with ONE TIME 8 months ago TOOK IT UPON HIMSELF to go into my account and make changes without my permission. Even worse, the CS Rep in the call center then BLAMED ME for making the changes when I did not.

    I think that anyone who uses Cingular needs to be aware of this. I personally think this is an extremely scary business practice on a number of levels. As soon as I can, I plan to change carriers.
  2. Cingular is awfull. As soon as my contract is up Im history they have the worst customer service.. I know how ya feel.
  3. Wow, I think that is scary Roo! Hey Verizon also is getting bad too! Hopefully not as bad as Cingular.
  4. Ive been with Tmobile for 5 years. They are really nice in the customer service department. I dont think I know any Tmobile customers with complaints. Sorry to hear about what happened to you.
  5. I know someone who works for Cingular. Its the worst company out there and the reps on the phone do this on purpose! You will never get to a supervisor! And scams with them seem to be common.
  6. Thanks for posting this Roo. I have Cingular and got my bill a few days ago. I will go over it carefully and make sure everything is in order.
  7. Thanks for the heads up! I know not to consider them
  8. It's not just cingular. I had a similar problem with Verizon and their CS was horrendous.
  9. I don't know about their cell phone service, but their internet customer service certainly sucks. It took me over a month to get any service with installing my DSL (long story, and lots of problems.) After all that trouble, they credit my account with a whopping $9 "for my troubles".

    I don't think I would sign up for their wireless service, after all that hassle.
    I have been fine with Cingular, but I'll certainly check my next bill......
  10. Always check the bill, cingular is always overcharging us. Last month they billed us $182 for internet usage...& we pay for unlimited, UNLIMITED, usage.
    Grrr, I hate them. But they are still better than sprint.
  11. Seriously I hate Cingular...
  12. OMG, that's tricky. *sigh* i just signed up for a 2 year contract with Cingular. oops!!!
  13. yes my sons father works for them...and he tried that crap ...they do it for a part of there comission or something ....but they do need your consent....that is crazy. but they can do that with all cellphone services. as long as they have your number , they can add whatever and wont know until u get a bill...thats why you should allways allways check your bill throughly EVERY MONTH
  14. My brother had the EXACT same problem with Sprint. At the time, his phone was still under my mom's name and she called to get someone on the phone to see what a few $15 charges were for text messaging... she didn't even know how to call in to the call center (when the girl asked for her password my mom was like, "is that the last 4 digits of my social or something?")... she really DIDN'T know how to even call them. Then the girl said that my mom called three months prior to add the service onto my brother's phone. Moron. Let's just say my brother got on the phone and spent a good two hours trying to get this girl to realize that it had nothing to do with one of our family members calling... finally the girl says, "Oh, it looks like we first added it on here as a free promo." My brother still had to pay the $45 in charges for the service but it ended up getting taken off. What a pain in the butt. I had no clue Cingular was like that, too. I guess that's why I'm a TMobile girl. 6 years and counting...
  15. I have never had any problem with Cingular.