Huge tote bag

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  1. HELP... Looking for a leather tote bag, in black, at least 21" long. No logos please. Suggestions?
  2. Depends on your budget. BV Cabat is roomy and without logo, but it’s pricey even bought secondhand
  3. Everlane day market tote!
  4. I don't recall seeing totes that long. There are a few on Etsy that come close, and if you contact the shops, they would probably be willing to craft a custom size for you. (No logos to worry about either.)
    18" long
    20" long
    14" long
  5. I love the Cuyana tote! They have a structured version and more “slouchy” as well
  6. I second Cuyana! OP wants something longer than 21 then the tall structured tote may work. I personally just got the tall structured tote in stone and the classic structured tote in black/blush recently along with the full blush tote insert. I love that the hardware is minimal and the branding is in gold foil on the inside. I’m borderline petite at 5’4” so the tall tote was just too overwhelming so that’s going back and I’m going to get a structured classic in the same color (I know that means I’ll have two of the same totes )

    I took pics of the black tote untied and tied (note that I took the straight-on photos with stuffing so it mimicked what the bags look like when they’re full) hope this helped!

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