Huge Thanks To The Pf Sunshine Committee!!

  1. I had my surgery this am.Had a rough time..reaction to anesthesia....uncontrollable pain that left me in tears..eek!!!Hospital kept me longer than planned due to it.BUT it was worth it ..even after what happened!LOL!
    So imagine how cruddy I feel....THEN I come home to the COOLEST flower arrangemt I have ever seen..Super funky and cool!I ADORE THEM!!!
    Who is it from????

    Im still a tad drugged and cant move at all..BUT I had to come in here and thank all of you for the TDF flowers.It was the best part of my day and REALLY made me so very happy!
    Loves ya all!:heart:
    And Thanks again
  2. You're welcome, Jill. Hope you feel better soon. And how did you drag yourself to a computer???
  3. Glad to hear eerything went well, I'd love to see pics when you feel up to it.
  4. Yeah, we are glad you like them. They weren't suppose to come until tomorrow, we were afraid no one would be home to get them today....but I am glad it worked out!!!

    Sorry, you're in so much pain....hope you're better soon :smile:
  5. I hope you feel better soon Jill!!! Rest up and take care of yourself!
  6. i hope you feel better soon.
  7. Glad to hear everything went well with your surgery Jill. I hope you get better soon. Take care of yourself and take it easy.
  8. JIll im so glad ur back home ! now it can only be better and the pain smaller !:yahoo: i hope u will want to show off soon ! ;)
  9. Take care of yourself :smile:
  10. the worst is over, please feel better soon...we count on you to get out there soon and shop and buy and then model all your fav purchases! glad it cheered you up:p ...we wanted you to know we care and get well quick!:flowers:
  11. Jill, hope you feel better very soon :heart::flowers:
  12. Oh Jill!! Feel better very soon. In the meantime, get one of those little bells and make DH and DD do everything for you! LOL
  13. Hope you feel better soon Jill! :smile:
  14. I hope you get well soon Jill!!!!
  15. Get well soon, Jill. :flowers: