Huge thanks to Robynbenz, I got my snakeskin wristle!!

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  1. I had hoped for pink but after 2 years I'm thrilled just to have it!
  2. Wow! How pretty. Congratulations.
  3. Great wristlet - I love the color!
  4. Very cute wristlet! (I wonder if Robynbenz swarms around with a cape emblazoned with a JC on it?:yes:)
  5. congratulations!!
  6. No, Just a Jimmy Choo:choochoo: bag in tow:graucho:

    :woohoo:I am so happy for you Ella:yahoo: Your bag is a Beauty:nuts:
    I am sorry it wasn't pink (my most favorite color too) but at least you were able to acquire one in a color you will be able to carry forever:wlae:
  7. Very true, and the best part, it was super marked down to $137. Casey said if I didn't want it, she did!
  8. OMG for that price I would have bought 10!
  9. What a deal! Congrats. =)
  10. congrats :smile:
  11. that's so cute!
  12. Congratulations! It's fabulous.
  13. Too cute. May I ask where you found such a good deal?
  14. My SA in Chicago found it for her. Her name is Casey and her # is 312-255-1170.
    She is AWESOME and can locate the hardest to find items:yahoo:
  15. congrats!!