Huge Thank you to Bluekit - Got the Cerises Pochette!!

  1. Bluekit posted last night that the Hollywood LV store had one Pochette Cerises left and its all mine. Just got off the phone. THANK YOU BLUEKIT!!!
  2. That was so nice of her. congrats on your new bag!!!
  3. congratulations!!! I got mine a few days ago from the atlanta georgia store! When I talked to 866 vuitton they said there were 4 more left so minus our 2, still 2 more! Go get them girls!!!
  4. congrats to you too - Is it as cute in person?? I can't wait!
  5. congrats !
  6. Oooh yay! How cute. What is the retail on this again? I might need to call 866 ...
  7. They are $375 from the LV store.
  8. Yay!!! I love it!!! Can't wait for pics of it on you!!!! Congrats!
  9. congrats, i love the cherry pochette

    funny story, it was xmas when my friend got hers and we were at school after a rainy day and there was a huge muddy puddle in the middle of the football field. she idiotic played tag with her purse and she fell in the mud along with the new cerise pochette. she didnt even notice until i ran over there to snatch it up for her and without her knowing, she was flirting with the boys, i took it to the bathroom to clean it for her. wow, some hard cleaning let me tell you.
  10. hey loriw - it is AMAZING in person! I wasn't a fan of the pochette until this one and there are no regrets at all!!! I know you will love it!!!

    Sophia! You are the BIGGEST sweetheart! Your friend should be so grateful to have someone like you!
  11. Congrats on getting one of the cerise bags!!
  12. i just called and got one too! yay!!! it's def my fave LV pochette :love: :love: :love: .
  13. Where did you call? Does the item have to be local?
  14. i called 1 866 vuitton. mine is being shipped from Saks NYC.
  15. Thanks!:biggrin: