HUGE Thank you to AME!


Apr 24, 2009
Just wanted to say thank you to Ame ~ she helped me with the purchase of my Brian Gavin Diamond and couldn't be happier!! Ame was so helpful ~ I probably drove her insane with all my questions as well as my constantly asking her if "this is the one" but after MANY months I definitely found "the one". I look at my hand and just smile. It's crazy, I still can't believe it's mine. The only bad thing (well for my husband) is now I am so obsessed with BG stones that I want a necklace and earrings (I NEVER wear earrings btw, but now I NEED BG ones ~ LOL)
Anyway, I just wanted to publicly thank you Ame ~ I really don't think I would have found this stone without your help! Thank you for putting up with my crazy!
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