'Huge Talent' Ashley Tisdale To Play Legally Blonde 'Elle'?

  1. Red-hot High School Musical 2 star Ashley Tisdale, 22, has recently signed with MGM studios to star in a straight-to-DVD movie, Picture This.MGM has also committed to a new DVD installment of Legally Blonde, and Tisdale is being considered to replace Reese Witherspoon as everyone's favorite blond genius Elle Woods.

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  2. I could see that.
  3. LOVE legally blonde & LOVE Ashley!

    I can't imagine Elle not being Reese though, but Ashleys def a good replacement!
  4. i can see it working. i like ashley. i think she's good. :smile:
  5. she'd be great in it on stage I think.
  6. She surprisingly looks really nice in that picture.

    And aww, no one could properly replace Reese. :sad: !
  7. Can't imagine anyone but Reese playing the role!
  8. thats fun...

    i think she would be perfect!
  9. I think it's going to be hard to replace Reese with ANYONE....I don't see it!!
  10. Ugh, they're just going to drive the greatness that was Legally Blonde into the ground, aren't they?

    Straight to DVD with another star? Do those things ever work out well? Why don't they just leave the movie alone?

    Not ever movie needs to have a sequel or become a trilogy.
  11. No! No! No! Don't do that!
    I like Ashley Tisdale, but Legally Blonde is one of my favorite movies and she could never ever replace Reese Witherspoon!

    Question: Why would they even replace Reese???
  12. I loved Legally Bilonde but have never really liked Reese, she can be really annoying at times. IMO Ashley would be a good replacement for her.
  13. I love the legally blond movies. I really don't think ahsley will be able to stand in reese shoes. I might have to pass on this film, don't want to ruin the first two.
  14. I think she can do it. Of course nothing will ever be the same as the first two with Reese but they are in it to make money and I do think the little kids will love her, after all she was in High School Musical so spinoffs from that the kids will want.
    I wish her luck, she seems to be one of the few in lala that actually seems normal.