Huge Shout out for TPF Sisters HELP!

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  1. When I went to Paris I was searching for this Twilly!!!
    Fleurs de Lotus Twilly/Pocket square (orange vif/brique/rose vif)~
    It was not there and I am still searching...
    Picture from the wonderful Vanmiracle

    TPF sisters please help me locate one of these....Pretty please:heart:
    Many thanks if you can help me find one...

    Attached Files:

  2. Will scope out the London stores on Thursday for you
  3. Thanks Mooks!!!:heart:
  4. Oh, Ghost, that would be the perfect match for your picotin!!! Will keep an eye out for you too!
  5. Kelly~ I know:shame:! Orange is one of my all time favorite colors....:heart: Thanks!!
  6. Have PMed you about the twilly.
  7. What a pretty twilly. Is this something new? I'll ask my SA.
  8. It's a lovely color combo. I saw one in the Luxembourg store the day before yesterday. They had a lot of twillys
  9. Have you found one, Ghost? I'm going to H in SCP this Saturday and I can check for you as well!
  10. I have that one in the pink/purple combo, and it's a gorgeous pattern.
  11. I am trying to find one within the states~ If you do find one outside of the USA, I will not be able to contact them as I do not have international phone privlidges on my cell..:crybaby:
  12. I have the twilly in those colours and my store (Sydney) only had 2 of them when I bought it about 6 weeks ago. Will check for you in Sydney but I did see it in Malaysia about a week ago but can't remember which store.
  13. Thank you all for your eyes...Unfortunately for me I do not live near a Hermes...(5 Hours away...) Thank you all my sistas'!!!:flowers::heart::love:
  14. Ghost55, I believe Riverside Square had this one a few days ago. They are really nice there.
  15. I'm sorry Ghost55 :crybaby:- the Sydney store does not have the twilly in the colours you want (there were 3 other colourways though).