Huge Shoe/Handbag Shipment in at Neiman's Last Call


Oct 29, 2007
My Last Call in South Florida just received a huge shipment of shoes and handbags. They had to put out several new tables for all the handbags, and shoes were packed! The guy working in shoes said they have tons more in the back, and will keep replacing as they sell down.

There were TONS of Manolos (many that I have seen on the website on clearance...most were priced around $230).

There were also several styles of Louboutins in as well. I got a pair of Mary Janes for under $300!!

I also saw many Gucci, Prada and YSL.


Lots of Tods, Prada....etc


Jan 10, 2008
Orange County, CA
I was at the LC outside Las Vegas last week. They had one BBag (it was wool for $500, mirror, but no dust bag), a Nancy Gonzalez, and a few Hogan. They had a pink croc Prada clutch for $4k. Shoe-wise, they had a few Manolos, but no Loubs.


Jul 21, 2006
Lots of Manolos at the NM Last Call in Milpitas, CA today (4/24/08). Sequin ballet flats, the limited edition anniversary magenta pumps, and others that were previously on clearance at A few lonely pairs of Louboutins. Near my size (35) I saw two pairs of tan espadrille flats and a brown suede Metallica bootie.

Speaking of Louboutins, the same pair of of red kidskin pumps with a wooden platform has been there for at least a month. Size 35-1/2. I keep trying them on. Since they're about $475, make my toes go numb, and are a non-ideal color, I end up putting them back. Someone please buy them and love them so I can stop looking at them every time I go there!