HUGE savings at Bath and Body Works

  1. Ok just made out like a bandit!!

    Bought the following:

    2 of these @ $16.00 each:

    4 of these @ $5.00 each:

    1 of these @ $12.00:

    1 Madras Tote with 6 samples @ $25.00 USE CODE FREE4U.

    I paid $21.87 for all of the above.

    You get free shipping, they count all the free stuff as purchases, so you qualify for the free shipping.

    The lemon stuff is buy one get one plus you get an extra travel size for free with your purchase. And the frozen daquiri soap is free too!!!

    WOO HOO!!
  2. Thanks for the post! I should head down to the stores to see if they have crazy sales there too
  3. me too!
  4. Pretty sure you cant get these deals at the store. Its a gliche I think. They are discounting to much. But report back if you find anything good.
  5. How come I have placed the order same as your items, but it come out the total amount for $26?
  6. Thanks Selena, you are a great source for bargains! I also got the free Madras tote, free daquiri soap and free shipping. I got the 4 for $10 soaps and the $15 quilted travel tote.
  7. mine is coming out to $33...

    eta: never mind! got it! woo hoo!
  8. Okay, I am not getting that! It is coming out to $33. How did you do it? I can't even add the tote?
  9. Great sales!!! Does anyone have free shipping code for order under $65?? Thax!
  10. you need to play around with the order you put things in your cart.

    i added the $5 stuff, then the daquiri body wash, then that stuff for $16. then do the coupon code. it should work then.
  11. Wow! Thanks for a great tip, I just ordered a few goodies for myself.
  12. You have to add the code at the end....FREE4U
  13. You do have to play around a little bit. I noticed if I put 1 of the lemon washes in, it didnt automatically give me one for free. I had to put two in my cart and i was only charged for one. PLus you will get a free travel size with that too automaticallly. You have to add the 3 in 1 yourself and the tote comes auto matically if you put in FREE4U.
  14. I just got it! Thanks Selena for posting this!!!
  15. Your welcome!! I ordered 4 times! LOL Teachers gifts!!