HUGE Sale at NM on Chloe!~

  1. Run ladies!~

    I just got a call from my SA, Lisa Hamlin, from NM in Troy, Michigan. She said they are marking down the following styles right now!

    Chloe Paddington!- the black on black combo
    Chloe Edith- plenty to choose from. So if you were waiting, now is the time to call and get your Edith!
    Chloe Betty- large in camel, blonde, grey and pewter (i think that went down to $990)
    Chloe Tracy- she has two color combos available

    I am at work so I couldn't write down all of the prices. BUT if you are at all interested in any of these styles, call Lisa at (248) 635-8442.

    This is her direct dial phone # so if you get voicemail, she will call you right back!

    :yahoo:HAPPY SHOPPING!:yahoo:
  2. Do you know how many % off for chloe paddy? TIA
  3. I think it is at least 30% but not sure. Give Lisa a call- she is a total sweetheart!
  4. Nooo wayyyyyyyy!!!
  5. They don't take anything but American Express, right?
  6. They take American Express and the Neiman Marcus card. However, you can buy a NM gift card on line using any cc and then use that to pay for your purchase in the NM store.
  7. Thanks for the link. I think someone was looking for the Silverado Python.
  8. I so wish I lived in America - not fair!:crybaby:
  9. NM will ship anywhere in the world!
  10. I'm so tempted to get the Tracey. Anyone have it? How do you like it? I wonder if the straps are long enough for over the shoulder.
  11. Thanks a million for the tip....
  12. OMG I want that Betty Chain Tote! THANKS JAG!
  13. I am DROOLING over that python silverado. Someone stop me from clicking "Add to Cart"!!! I just want to order it, wear it for a day and return it :roflmfao: :P
  14. Cool.

    nawth21, thanks for the awesome link too!
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