Huge Sale at Ignes!! 35% off of certain leathers!

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  1. You must check it out!! 35 % off!!:nuts:

    Tinted wine and tinted chocolate are included!!!:nuts:
  2. So, is anyone going to order anything?!

    Details, ladies!

    I am really tempted to a do the mini ormala at the discount- it comes to about $245. I was going to order one anyway in the next few months... Decisions to make. The raspberry is nice and the aubergine is pretty too. I would need another picture of the aubergine though.

    I need to see if I can hunt up a comparison shot b/t the mini Ormala and regular side by side. I don't recall seeing one yet. Anyone have both?

    Great opportunity to do the new hobo too- I am surprised it is included!
  3. Ugh...can you believe I didn't wait to see if there was a sale? Man....

    Ya, what's going to be ordered, my friends?
  4. I wish I could get either the tinted chocolate or wine in the mini Ormala! But, I am on a ban for now!

    I wish the cream or worn charcoal were on the list! I think my next Ignes will be a mini Ormala in one of these leathers.
  5. ughhh I caved in lol I was being sooo good trying to stay away from the forum but when I got the sale email this morning, I shot Ignacio an email for a tinted wine or raspberry (undecided) mini ormala :shame:
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    ^ I am thinking of caving too. My plan for 2009 is to get rid of any c/c debt I have, which is a manageable goal. I'm torn b/c I want to take advantage of the sale, but also be financially responsible. The problem is that I know once my taxes are done, I'd probably buy the mini Ormala anyway w/ a small part of the refund and it would cost more then. I've looked at my figures and just like last year, I'll get some back. I can't seem to make things work w/ not overpaying throughout the year.

    ETA: I see a purple ostrich mini Ormala. Is that a return from someone here? I want to say I've seen it before.
  7. I think dh needs an email and suggestion of a bday gift ;). A Veronica would be like 137 and change if I did the math correctly. But I will stick with my no bag January pledge :smile:
  8. i'm so tempted to pck up another mini sophia, but i made a promise not to purchase anything until after i've paid off one of my student loans. plus i already have enough bags to last me until then.

    plus, what if i love the future styles? i can't wait to see the customer designed bag!
  9. yay mini o for paintednightsky!

    I have both ormalas, and If I remember I could take an iphone pic tonight, elizat. I think it's better to buy one on sale now than buy later NOT on sale, as long as it won't lead you into a slippery slope of handbag binging. Which it does not seem it will!!

    Sandy, your were serious about that?! (lol)
  10. Hi everyone:

    Wow what good timing for me to decide to get my first Ignes! I've been spending way too much time reading all the threads. I can say, however, that everyone is SO NICE on here.

    I'm looking for a great daily go-to bag. I have two really small kidlets so the bag may end up being a default diaper bag from time-to-time. I'm 5'4" so I don't want anything huge -- my current diaper bag is 11"x11" -- or too formal looking. I was immediately taken with the mini Chiara but am thinking mini Sophia may be more practical?

    Can someone explain the deal with rolled handles? Do they sit better on the shoulder? That's one thing I really must need is a bag that is comfortable and will stay on me.

    Finally, leathers. It appears the tinted leathers are really popular. Why? I need something durable and want something very touchable/soft. I'm thinking of the dark purples or reds. Where do patent leathers rank in durability?

    Can't wait for a response. I'm super excited about ordering my first bag. Thank you all!
  11. I am so tempted to get something but I just got a BE bag which I ordered over the hols , so in a quandary :confused1:
    its such a great discount!

    btw , how does the price on the samples and other pre-made pieces on sale work, is it as marked ? anybody has any idea , I was looking at the clutches.
  12. with Ignes half of the fun is deciding and customizing, so I prefer the 35% discount better than the samples.

    Vancouverpurse, welcome! for something daily, I would go with the midisofia ( the mini version could not be big enough to use it as diaper bag), the rolled handles have a more elegant design, in my opinion, but the regular ones sits very well at the shoulders ( I have both and both are very comfy). about the leathers, the tinted ones are very soft, but durable. The tinted wine ( and brown) are so pettable, you touch them and feel the luxury with your fingers.
  13. Hi vancouverpurse,

    I have a mini sofia and its a great daily bag , its a perfect size for me, I carry basic stuff mostly , but if you are going to fit in diapers apart from your own stuff you may want to consider the midi size.

    there are some good photos in the interiors thread which will give you a good idea of the size.

    You can also have a messenger strap attached to the sofia if thats convenient for you and get the handle lengths adjusted to make it more comfortable.

    I have the rolled handles since I like that look better especially when hand holding it
    I guess it just depends on you some say that it stays up better , I have personally worn both flat/rolled handle bags without problem.
    The tinted wine I have is a very beautiful leather, its a burgundy shade, soft with a tint.
    The tinted shades are kind of between patent and matte , atleast thats what I think of them as .
  14. Forwarded dh the sale and suggested (lol) a birthday clutch. Hmmm....

    Vancouverpurse, I think Sofia is a great alternative baby bag. How old are your kids? Do you carry a ton? I have a full sized Ormala in wild colors that is both a work bag and diaper bag depending on the day. It's a bit big for the diaper bag. It's more formal looking than the Sofia, I think, but not so formal in pink patent ;).

    I'm 5'6" and a size 10 or 12 (depending on brand).
    (And the same pic again...need a new one, eh?)
  15. Ooh, it's so much fun to plan new bags!! Keep in mind that there is a first time tpf discount, in case you fall for a leather not included in the sale.

    I have tinted chocolate. Omg, I love it! It's smooth and soft with a bit of a shine to it. I hauled it around Spain and even India, and it seems to have held up well....I have it in a Chiara. The leather is not strokable so much as pinchable and squeezable. Very comfortable to wear in a messenger strap. Comfy to wear on a long aggravating trip or when you get sick while traveling.

    I agree that mini-Sofia will not hold a whole LOT of extra items. I love mine, but don't have to carry diapers!! I would recommend the midi Sofia or the mini Ormala....although No cute can speak to the regular size Ormala for that, obviuosly.

    The Ormala style can be a bit dressy (black nappa, for instance), or more casual. I think a tinted leather in the mini Ormala would make it as floppy and squshy as my Chiara. (the chiara has a zipper, though).

    I don't have the mini Chiara (yet!) but I imagine it would be better than the mini-S for the diaper bag? I think it is a good possibility, and Ignacio can always help you with your decision!!!!

    Welcome to Ignes!!!!