HUGE sale at Hand Maid by Michelle Frantz!!

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. 70% off using code gc70 - everything on the site is 70% off! Got the brown sandals, red zip cluthc and fanny yes I said fanny pack!! Came to a grand total of $94 with shipping! Go quick - things are selling out fast!!
  2. Sorry bout that - duh!
  3. That's a great sale! I think I'm going to get the red flip flops and fanny pack (yeah I actually have a need for a fanny pack every now and then).
  4. I love finding out about these new designers! I just ordered a fannypack in choc (I've been looking for a cute one!), a clutch in white, and the brown corset belt. All for around $100 incl shipping!
  5. I usually love her stuff but I'm not feeling it this season... too bad, it's a great deal!
  6. Why do I have the feeling I'm going to buy things I dont' need just for the sake of not missing out on an awesome sale.
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