Huge safety pin. Where to find?

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  1. You know, one those those big honking ones a few inches long, that can close a heavy sweater. Where in the hell does one find one of these?
  2. The big pins are diaper pins. If you want something decorative, google shawl pin or sweater pin, and look at, too. There are over 1500 different ones on etsy.
  3. a fabric store or craft store?
  4. I've seen them in yarn/knitting stores. They also have them at Hobby Lobby and some of the larger fabric stores.

    Look for a Kilt Pin in listings too - they are frequently used when wearing plaid
  5. You may also be able to find them in some tack stores (where horse items are sold). They are used with certain leg bandages.
  6. great idea! forgot about that. my hubby has a couple of big silver pins for his kilts. :tup:
  7. In N Out!
  8. Like this?

  9. ^ :lol:
  10. ha! I might impale my own abdomen on that one in the photo. I am looking for a plain silver one, nothing fancy, just something to help hold this drapey wrap Michael Stars fleece top closed. I kind of wanted to find it locally this weekend, as I fly out of town Sunday and wanted to wear it then. OK, so, craft shops, knitting shops, maybe a tack/feed store. Anyone else?
  11. I got mine from a uniform supplier. We had to wear uniform kilts in high school.
  12. LOL at voodoo's pic!

    probably at a crafts store? michael's?
  13. I second the tack shop - could also be called a feed & seed store. Ask for where the blanket pins are. I'd send you one but you wouldn't get it on time, lol.
  14. lol that's the first thing I thought of.
  15. In N Out? Like, nasty fast food place? Okay, I totally don't get it. Please explain!