*HUGE RAVE* Revolve Clothing...

  1. Hi Ladies,
    Just wanted to share my first experience with Revolve Clothing...

    I bought a Juicy Couture hoodie off their website, which arrived within 1 week... from the US to Australia... I was soooooo excited.. :yahoo:
    The item is just perfect..

    Then they sent me an email thanking me for my purchase and if i could fill out a feedback form. Normally id ignore something like this b/c i couldnt be bothered, but i was bored one night so i decided to fill it in.
    A couple of days later i received an email back from them thanking me, and they sent me a coupon code for $100 off my next purchase of $200 or more :nuts: :nuts: :yahoo: :yahoo: :wlae: :wlae:

    So im having soo much fun choosing $200 worth of goodies off their website.... Luckily i already had a couple of things in my shopping cart that i was looking to purchase anyway....

    I highly recommend using them for purchases... and dont neglect the feedback forms girls !! Coz u might be as lucky as i was and get a voucher !!!! :heart:
  2. Wow, that's fantastic. They didn't send anything like that to me.:sad: However, I did receive my shipment from them a day after I ordered it.:smile:
  3. Thanks for that! I've never actually been to their website before... they have some great stuff!
  4. i love revolve too! since my first order, i'm practically ordering weekly! and they get new lines all the time. i filled in the survey and got the $100 off too, couldn't beleive it! ordered a pair of true religions right away, so cheap. can't wait for them to arrive! the best thing about them though is the free shipping to canada and the lack of brokerage fees/duties.
  5. i love that they understate the value of the package on the custom form on the package.. heh makes it hassle free...
  6. revolve is great!! free shipping to and from, can't get better than that.

    their customer service is excellent! I bought primp sweats that were on clearance and the receipt states that returns on clearance items must be postmarked within 3 days but I decided to give it a shot. I postmark it and ship it out 10 days after shipment and they still gave me a refund.

    A+ for revolve!!
  7. You're so lucky! I can think of half a dozen things I want from that site, easy.

    I just bought a pair of jeans from them, actually. Free shipping to Canada? Pre-paid return packages for Americans? They're great!