Huge rave for Tiffanys!!

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  1. I have a tiffanys charm bracelet as some of you may know. I had the heart locket on it and also the original heart that comes on it.
    Anywho, we (me and my bf) went to London to see the Spice girls.
    He bought me two new charms for it :heart: The duck and the letter K.
    So, me being a moron. I wore it to the concert and the K fell off!!!

    Went back to Tiffanys the next day and explained the situation and they gave me a new one and even soldered it on. It took nearly a month to get it back cause they were busy, but it was so worth it...
    I will post pics of it in a wee sec :smile:
  2. That's great!! I :heart: Tiffany's!
  3. OMG really? i didnt know they do that, or anyone who does that.. Maybe they blamed themselve for bad soldering..

    Glad you got it back.. 1 month isnt too bad of a wait =)
  4. Tiffanys FTW!! Congrats, I would be so happy too.
  5. That's so good that they gave you a new one, and so they should if it fell off that easily. Can't wait to see the pics of it! How was the spice girls?
  6. I love hearing stories of good customer service experiences because they're so rare now. I'm so happy for you!
  7. OMG!!!! That is so nice of them. I love hearing about good customer service. It seems so rare now a days,
  8. That was so nice of them! It's great to hear a happy story!!
  9. aww makes me like tiffany's even more
  10. Glad you had a good experience! I always get wonderful service at T&Co., which is why I prefer to buy my jewelry there whenever possible.
  11. ^Same here :smile:
  12. glad tiffany did not charge ya for anything...:tup: