Huge Rave for Rebecca Minkoff & An Update on their Hardware problems!

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  1. After ordering the RM Navy Morning After Mini the other day, I got nervous because some of you had problems with the gold hardware chipping, coming off, etc. I decided to write to RM's customer service aobut this problem. I got the lovliest response last night from Jacquelyn and have decided to post it here for all of you to see.

    "My name is Jacquelyn and I work with Rebecca Minkoff. I appreciate you asking us this question to get the true information. Last year we had some growing pains and found out that some of our hardware was chipping. We fixed this in September of 2006, and have switched to all brass hardware. You have not one thing to worry about! Let me
    know if you, or anybody on the purse forum has any other questions. Enjoy your bag!"

    I think this should alleviate the fears that some of us had re: the hardware and I know that I am tickled to receive my new bag (which shipped today). I'll post pics when it arrives!
  2. It's so nice to hear about a company that takes complaints to heart and actually fixes them. I want a bag manufacturer to care alot about quality.

    I have been wanting a Rebecca Minkoff bag and this certainly encourages me to seek them out. Thanks for sharing. Peggy
  3. Same here! I just saw them featured in an old Allure mag and I really do like the style. Will have to see about a MA. Will be eager to see your pics!

  4. uh oh, I see another purchase I'll need to make.
  5. That's a relief; thanks for posting! I am also waiting for a minkoff navy mini in the mail, and happy to hear that they've addressed the problem.
  6. I have had recent talks with Jacquelyn as well- she was the best! I was very indecisive and she was extremely patient and understanding. They really have excellent customer service...I finally decided on a Royal Morning After and am in love with it!
  7. That is wonderful! I want one of her bags so badly...they're just the right look for me. If only she'd make a bag about the same size as the Morning After Mini but with longer straps (so that it can fit comfortably over a coat). Still, I love the look of those bags. They have that "keep and wear forever" look.:love: :supacool:

    Thanks for posting this thread!
  8. ^^ that is the only complaint i have about the bag... Yes.. mine is the older not so great hardware... but the handles need to be just a touch longer
  9. I love it when they are able to give such assurance. That's what I call good service.
  10. Look ladies the people that first discovered Rm had problmes with the old hardware that we all love that it is pattined and stuff, this is too funny I guess no one is ever happy!
  11. LOL! I first read this and went "WHA, NOW THE HARDWARE IS CHIPPING!" Old thread! Just goes to show that nothing is perfect. . .
  12. I think its interesting that none of these members are frequent posters in the RM forum anymore...looks like the QC issues (even the early ones) do actually effect sales/product loyalty.
  13. It's interesting to note that it also affects the CS staff too. I noticed that they keep changing or quitting probably because the CS/QC problems got out of hand.
  14. Yep. :yes: It also seems like most of these members are still active TPF'ers too, or they're at least still reading the forums.

    It was also definitely weird to suddenly read about another CS person at RM, whose name I'd never seen before even in older threads! (Then again, the older names I've seen mentioned were possibly on the sales side rather than CS.) I wonder if their turnover rate in CS is particularly high, or something... :thinking:
  15. I don't think that is all that interesting to be honest. Its purely an assumption. In my time in this forum there have been many people come and go. Who knows why. To assume that its CS/QC related isn't very accurate, or fair, IMO.

    What I do find interesting is that RM has been consistent in trying to resolve all the problems/issues/questions that have come up regarding her product through the years and assure her customers that they are always trying to improve.
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