huge rave for my brown outdoor ligne hobo

  1. my dear hobo and i officially survived our winter storm...i absolutely LOVE this bag!

    i have been using it for the past week for work, and it has gone through all sorts of abuse already...

    the size is big enough for all my work essentials: wallet, water, lunch, a pair of shoes, and the hobo stays well on the shoulder over my winter coat (it doesn't slide off, allowing my hands to be nice and warm inside my pocket). some of you may or may not know, there was a big storm in toronto yesterday, and i walked about 30 mins with my purse inthe midst of the storm, and after i got home, it looked perfectly fine, this morning, it was wet and slushy, after getting splashed by stupid drivers and dripped by melting roof top snowpiles, my hobo survived it all! i think it looks great on the shoulder and can be worn w/ a dressier winter coat or a very casual sportier jacket. did i say i love this bag, it doesn't require any amount of pampering and holds up wonderfully.
    five thumbs up!
    I love this bag so much, i am thinking of buying the white one.
  2. oh good! Glad you love it!:biggrin:
  3. YAY!!!!! Glad you and your hobo both survived...that was some pretty sick weather yesterday!!! *shudder*
  4. it's terrific when a bag and you are a perfect fit! get the white too....:graucho:
  5. Yay for a sturdy bag!
  6. That's great!! Glad you survived the storm! Wasn't it wicked?

    Post pix of your beauty!
  7. yep, that was one wicked storm, but wasn't wicked enough to close the office though...i was there till like 6ish at night, and was back to work this morning for me.
  8. Even after the firemarshal told everyone to stay home?!? The roads here in the 'saug are totally fine. But yah - last night was bad.

    So what about those pix?? :yes:
  9. i've posted this pic before, here it is the pic, the hobo is completely empty that's why it looks alittle odd

  10. It's beautiful!
  11. whistlerchic, I was wondering if you were from BC... but I guess not! ;)

    takeoutbox, that is so good to know. I got out my old Ferragamo, (it has a long strap that can be worn across the body) to walk through the mess.

    I'm going to look into an outdoor ligne hobo myself, especially when you mentioned you are able to put a pair of shoes inside! :yes:
  12. oh yeah, i was surprised at how roomie it is, and the good thing is that it still looks good after stuffing so much junk into it, it holds its shape beautifully...this morning, i carried a pair of nike runners inside my hobo
  13. OT - no, Dh and I got engaged there and it's my fave place in the world.:love:
  14. Oh yay, I'm so happy to hear! I just got the same bag in black.. :love: The leather feels awesome!
  15. oh, congrats! would love to see pics