Huge Problem :-(

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  1. Okay...maybe im over-reacting, but I ordered the medium gucci horsebit hobo in black fabric from the gucci arrived today and i have serious doubts that its real....isnt the metal hardware supposed to me a gold color..because the one I got has a rusty bronze tone to it...for anyone that has this bag, is this just a difference in seasons??? My friend was telling me the other day about how some SA's at gucci switch a fake bag with the real one when packing the boxes....

    Im away at school now and there is no gucci boutique next to me so I would have to wait until after finals to get this problem scared its a fake :sad:
  2. Well I actually have a hard time believing if you order a bag from the actual boutique that it would be fake, a real hard time. I actually think you are over-reacting, because I just can't beleive that the store would do that!

    I have the Large Hobo in a beautiful tan leather and the hardware is gold, but I think the hardware varies from bag to bag. Let's see what everyone else thinks... could you post pictures by chance?
  3. well i ordered a gucci bag and when they shipped it said something on the box about it being approved by the manager.... so i wouldn't be too worried, i'm sure it's real too.
  4. I don't believe its fake either. The security in the stores are fierce and I think you may be over-reacting as well. I do not have this bag to compare with you, but I'm sure once you take it to the boutique you will be relieved. Good luck, let us know.
  5. thanks for the assurance...the only thing that bothered me was that the metal color looked alot darker than my friends like you said...its from the it's most likey not fake...i just had a moment i guess...
  6. If it's from the store, I highly doubt it's fake. I'd be more worried if I had ordered it from an internet site that claims to sell authentic Gucci.
  7. I have purchased from Gucci many times before and I agree, the security is extremely fierce, so I am very certain that your bag is authentic. If you are still upset bc the hardware looks a little worn and/or isn't to your specs,I would find the receipt/invoice and put the bag in the original packaging with tags, etc and bring it back to the store you purchased accommodating SA will be more than happy to show you the same bag in the store to match against yours and if you are still not satisfied, they should even exchange it for another, I hope you have the tags on and the receipt! You should be A OK! :biggrin:
  8. I am inclined to agree with the others :biggrin: I dont think they would send a fake.
  9. Okay...even though its finals time...i went home this morning...and the BAG IS REAL!! <---well ofcourse it would be, right??I dont know what I was thinking... I guess I took my friend's story too far...Anyways, thanks for the help everyone...I am officially addicted to this forum.
    P.S I ended up returning the bag anyways...the strap was too short and it was just a PAIN to carry...and the large one is too big for me since Im only 5'0.

    ....back to STUDYING :sad:
  10. Dk, happy that you found out that is was authentic and you were able to sleep a little easier:biggrin: You remind me of myself actually..when I bought my louis vuitton pouchette from never had a thought that it would be fake, until I started reading posts on how the louis vuitton monogram "should never be cut off"..I was actually so worried I couldn't sleep! but then I got over it because I knew there was a .01 % chance that it would ever be a fake...happy to know I am not the only one that worries her lil 5'0 self. ( i'm a fellow 5'0 girl too :biggrin:)
  11. Wow, if we can't trust the ACTUAL store, who can we trust? Buying bags is becoming a scary business. But happy to hear it was real!