Huge problem!! Please help!

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Sep 22, 2007
Sometimes I have had the Ebay invoicing system either not work or not let me change any shipping terms etc. So, I have sent a PayPal invoice, however... if you put that auction number and that the item sold was from Ebay, it ties that into Ebay. It's like if you log into your paypal account and click send money, then click on the top pay for Ebay items, you can pay for your ebay items right there auction by auction or all together and it will also post to Ebay as a payment for each auction. As long as on the invoice you paid shows it was an Ebay item and the auction number. Plus, if you paid with your credit card you are ok anyway and can dispute it with them. However, the USPS is sloooowww already.. the Veteran's Holiday and then the Thanksgiving one had them already somewhat backed up from what I understand and they are starting to get tons of Christmas shipments from ppl buying things etc. My friends dad is a postman and said they have been swamped and backed up. I know my items are slow getting here right now.
Yes of course the mail is slow at the moment but I would still not be happy about having emails ignored. Something about the whole paypal thing sounds wrong and I would be concerned too


Jul 3, 2007
Athens, GA
The PayPal thing if done the way I mentioned should be ok, also since she paid via credit card she is fine anyway. I do agree though and would not be happy with them not answering emails however, some people are just now getting back into town from the Thanksgiving holidays. I just got home today myself after leaving a week ago. Plus, she just paid last Tuesday....I mean, that is ONE week today plus, you had two days in there that were holidays. I think it's kind of jumping the gun in many ways to be worried. Heck, I bought things two weeks ago including an ipod and some other things I still don't have yet.


Apr 26, 2007
I would give him another week. He could have been out of town for Thanksgiving and that's why he didn't see your e-mails yet. I was away from a computer since Wednesday and when I got back on tPF today, I had 3 frantic PM's about whether I had sent out my RAOK gift, which I totally had. So you never know what people are up to. Give him the benefit of the doubt. You have 45 days to file a paypal claim, so it's ok!:smile:
Nov 14, 2007
New York
Hey everyone! Check this out! I requested the seller's info from paypal and called that # and he supposedly lives in GA. but when I called the # no one picked up and I left a message and then someone called me back to say that I had the wrong # and that they did not know this person! In addition the caller ID said Maryland! So the seller def. made up a # or simply acted as though it wasn't him! But I'll wait! I don't mind that my item is taking long to arrive it's just that he didn't answer back after I e-mailed him!

Then guess what?

I check my ebay and like 10 min after requesting his info he writes to me! He said he hasn't had a chance to ship it out yet! I think he was trying to fool me but he realized I was not playing! I paid $20 for shipping! And it's been a week and he still hasn't even mailed it out! :cursing::cursing::hysteric:I really don't mind but at least have the courtesey to let me know what's going on! I sell stuff all the time but I always stay on top of things because I know how anxious and excited you feel when you are waiting for something to arrive! Just like everyone likes to be paid fast ppl also like to be treated the same! Well let's see hopefully these shades are not fake if so I'm going to have a biggg fit! LOL