Huge problem!! Please help!

  1. I have a problem!! :sad:I bought a pair of prada sunglasses (paid 150) last tues. on eBay and still haven't received them. When I won the item on eBay I didn't pay right away I paid the next day. But in between the seller e-mailed me like twice asking for the payment. He sent me a paypal request requesting the payment because supposedly i couldn't pay directly through eBay because they did not have his right email for paypal. I still have not received the glasses and it's a week later. I e-mailed the seller like twice and no answer! I'm upset because he e-mailed me like three times in one day just for the payment and now he doesn't write back to me! Now after reading this I'm really scared because I won the item on ebay but I paid him through his money request. What should I do? :hysteric:
  2. Depending on how he sent the item I would not freak yet. Remember - if he mailed it Wed afternoon, Thursday was a holiday and there was no mail, and then no mail again on Sunday. Things begin to take longer this time of year.
  3. So you paid via paypal through an invoice though PayPal or did you pay an ebay invoice?
  4. paypal invoice

  5. I know that it was a holiday but It just gets me worried because he e-mailed me 3x in one day for the payment and now it's been days and he hasn't e-mailed me!
  6. Give it some time, and if you don't receive them after 10 days, file a claim with paypal stating item not received. You should be OK.
  7. What is his feedback like? Does anyone complain about slow shipping?

    One week isn't too bad. If it's more than two weeks, I'd start to worry.
  8. This sounds strange. You should never pay for an ebay auction privately, always pay an ebay invoice. If they didnt have his correct email, he could edit his details in seconds, faster than he culd request your payment. I would contact paypal as I dont think ebay will be very helpful if you did not pay through them. if you get really worried you can request the sellers phone and contact info from ebay and contact him directly
  9. Did you put the ebay auction number in the paypal payment? Otherwise the paypal payment is seen as a 'money advance' and not an ebay transaction (which means you don't have the paypal protection for items not received / item not as described).

    Secondly, did you fund your paypal payment with your credit card? If you did this gives you a second layer of protection against any fraud.

    Normally I wouldn't be concerned about an item that takes a week to arrive (especially when Thanksgiving was in between), but the fact that he asked you to pay to a different paypal address throws up some red flags for me.
  10. He's feedback is only 7 but it's 100% and there aren't any complaints! I'll just wait another week and see what happens. It just throws me off that he was so insistant on his money but now he doens't even send me an e-mail! :cursing:
  11. How do I request his info on ebay?
  12. I did pay with my credit card. I'm going to give it a couple of days and see what happens. Also when he sent me an e-mail to remind me to pay he said "Awesome pay ASAP! You can simply pay through the paypal request and i will ship ASAP" these were the exact words on one of the e-mails he sent!
  13. You can request their details via: (if you don't trust the link, you can go via the help pages & type in contacting members). Hopefully all will be well - it is in 99% of transactions & you have an extra safety net having paid by cc.

    Good luck!
  14. Or just follow these instructions:

    To request a person’s contact information:
    • Click the “Advanced Search” link, located under the Search button in the top right corner of most eBay pages.
    • Under the Members section on the left side of the page, click the “Find Contact Information” link and provide the User ID of the member and the Item number of the transaction you have in common
  15. Sometimes I have had the Ebay invoicing system either not work or not let me change any shipping terms etc. So, I have sent a PayPal invoice, however... if you put that auction number and that the item sold was from Ebay, it ties that into Ebay. It's like if you log into your paypal account and click send money, then click on the top pay for Ebay items, you can pay for your ebay items right there auction by auction or all together and it will also post to Ebay as a payment for each auction. As long as on the invoice you paid shows it was an Ebay item and the auction number. Plus, if you paid with your credit card you are ok anyway and can dispute it with them. However, the USPS is sloooowww already.. the Veteran's Holiday and then the Thanksgiving one had them already somewhat backed up from what I understand and they are starting to get tons of Christmas shipments from ppl buying things etc. My friends dad is a postman and said they have been swamped and backed up. I know my items are slow getting here right now.