Huge problem at my 24 hr fitness ... any suggestions?

  1. I moved to Las Vegas a year and a half ago and my hubby bought me a 3 year Gym membership at our local 24 hour fitness. I joined because I love going to group exercises classes, for the most part cycling. They told us when I joined the classes were included and there were plenty of them.

    While I understand that there are only so many bikes in the Spin Room thus only so many people can attend there is currently a huge "supply and demand problem" with cycling at my gym. Last summer they started this system where you pay $1.00 per class and you could sign up ahead of time. There were 30 slots in the class and only 15 could be reserved the remaining would be given out an hour before the class on a first come first serve basis. Those of us who were regulars signed up and the remaining folks filled in and came when the wanted. If all the spots were filled when I went to sign up usually getting there an 45 min to an hour before a class I could get in.

    I was out of town on business for a good part of the early winter and when I came back I went to sign up for classes on Jan 4th. I was told that sign ups are now on the last day of the month and begin at 7am. They said all the weekend classes were FULL and that if I wanted to get in I had to show up an hour and a half before and stand on line by the front desk. They weren't kidding!

    Sign up was today and I was at the the Gym at 5:45am in line waiting to sign up and get classes. By the time they started there were at least 30 people in line. I paid $21.00 to guarentee my spot in 4-5 classes a week.

    While I understand the problem I think its crazy that I am now going to be dishing out another $240.00 a year to go to classes that were supposed to be included in the price of my membership let alone the fact that I have to get up at 5am to do it. People are starting to get really annoyed no one understands why they don't just add another class or two on Saturday and Sunday mornings (weekdays aren't as much of a problem). The woman who was taking everyone's money today was telling everyone new bikes have been ordered (they are getting old and breaking thus allowing for less space in classes) and there are going to be 40 in the room when the new ones arrive which would help solve the problem. I happen to know she is not telling the truth as I discussed the problem with the assistant to the regional manager last week and she said that no more bikes can be added as fire code will only allow 30 in the room unless they do some minor construction.

    I would go to another gym but this is the closest to my home (and its about a 15 min drive) and I love the instructors. My husband says we should all organize ourselves write a letter and sign a petition but I am not sure it will help.

    I am overreacting??? Any suggestions.
  2. 24 Hr. sucks big time. Their management doesn't care-- you can write email after email and will get no response. Their customer service line will tell you a manager will call you back and no one ever does. Even when you complain in person, you get no satisfactory answer.

    I had a complaint because they locked up the mats so people couldn't use them to stretch. When I complained, they told me that they had to do that because they were getting thrown into the pool. Hey, that's not my problem! I was basically told if I didn't like that gym I should go somewhere else. I ended up calling our local newstation who has Consumer Action section. Guess what? A manager finally called me and now they leave some mats out.

    I agree with your husband-- start the petition and keep *****ing. Their whole thing is to get as many memberships as they can and screw the customer service.

    Good luck!
  3. They do this to get more money. I am sure they can add another class, but as long as people are sitting there waiting to pay, why should they?

    start that petition and don't give up. I would also call the t.v. stations and ask who wants to help out with this. I bet you get another class started within two weeks.
  4. Ironically, that sounds like just one more of life's stressful problems that going to the gym was supposed to be eliminate.
  5. ^agree!

    -I dont think u should have to pay money for classes included in the membership. And honestly if they have so many people wanting to take that class they really should open another class. The 24 i go to has 2 spinning sessions, one in the morning and another at 6pm, its almost never full. I think you should speak to a manager and ask for more classes to be added, that is ridiculous!! $24.00 just for a spot...thats like paying for another membership!
  6. You are not overreacting. This is horrible. I work at a fitness center and I would be embarrassed to be associated with a program like that. They are clearly concerned with nothing but the bottom line - member happiness/customer service doesn't seem to be too high up there. These operating practices make me ill. It's hard enough for people to get to the gym and find the energy to work it out, why make it even harder? I would absolutely start a petition because this just isn't right or see if you can break your membership contract because they aren't honoring the original terms of service (the classes were supposed to be included at no additional fee).

    I hope you get things figured out. I love Spinning :heart:
  7. I don't think you're overreacting. What I find most ridiculous about that gym is that you have to stand in line for so long. I'd say switch location; from what previous posters said, it appears complaining won't work. Good luck!
  8. Do what Jello did, get the consumer action on your local news to talk to them...that ALWAYS gets businesses to start doing something about it
  9. Here's another 24 Hr. Fitness story that's on the news right now-- a mom took her child to the Kid's Club while she was exercising. When they got home, she noticed her daughter had bite marks all over her. Apparently another kid was biting her and no one in the day care was watching was going on.

    24 Hr. Fitness has offered to pay for the medical bills (they took their child to the hospital) but the family has cancelled their membership.
  10. I just realized something, I think. Is 24 Hr. Fitness the name of the gym or is it a gym that is open round the clock? After reading these posts I get the impression it's the name and it is a chain of gyms.
  11. Maybe it's time for a class action lawsuit!!!!
  12. For the money you'd save on the membership and additional fees, why not buy your own bike and spin at home?
  13. ^That's a good suggestion, Roo - though it sounds like the OP likes the variety of the classes.

    I would encourage you to read through the original contract to see if there is any language about the need to pay for classes at all (note that they may have changed language on some contracts so it might not be the same for everyone). I think you should lodge complaints with a news network Consumer group and/or your State AG's office if in fact they are not operating according to their agreement.

    So, net/net - you are not overreacting. At the end of the day, gyms are a service we pay for and we should get our money's worth.

    Good luck!
  14. Nope, you are not over-reacting. They are trying to get you to pay for something that was already included. I would show them their contract and DEMAND the monies back you already paid for the spin classes.

    And yeah, if you are passive-agressive, call a news station or paper. They love this kind of stuff.
  15. ^^
    Good suggestion!