Huge mistake or museum piece???

  1. Help, i think i might have made either a big mistake or the find of the century. I was in Saks and saw a beautiful black Dolce & Gabbana coat with skinny long sleeves and a huge victorian ruffle around the neck and cuffs. It's a black trench with a very chic french look to it and it was in my size which i almost never ever find in stores because it's always snapped up before i can get there.

    the kicker is it was $2,000. it's something i would forever but maybe only two or three times - it's very bold and tres, tres chic. i can afford it, but is it a good buy? or an impulse purchase i should return and put to a good use, like a birkin bag. i can't decide. help!:confused1:
  2. Chic and French are timeless, IMO. But if you don't think you'll have occasion to wear it, then set it free.
  3. it's very much a london/paris coat and i feel like a million bucks in it, invincible. but is two or three times a year enough, even if it is forever? i am not sure.
  4. I'd love to see what this coat looks like - just to see if it's a big mistake or not.

    If you can afford it and you feel great in it, then keep it!
  5. I think I know which one you are talking about. It is very classy and haute couture looking.. you will need to have the right look to pull it off. If you do, and can afford it, by all means go and get it! I think it is gorgeous :smile:
  6. [​IMG]

    I was thinking about wearing it with some killer black leather Gucci boots with heels and my hair pulled back in a low twist...and big black Chanel sunglasses.
  7. I like it! Not sure why you can't wear it more than twice a year....
  8. keep it! I love it and im sure you could wear it more than a couple times a year!!
  9. I like it and I'd definitely keep it-it's gorgeous!
  10. thanks! it does have a couple trench-looking flaps on it that i might have removed and it will look a little dressier. then i might wear it more. it is very lightweight and i am not sure if it is meant to be a raincoat or just a fall coat. but i love it!
  11. I love it, its not too dramatic either imo, I seriously think you will wear it more than a few times a year too :smile:
  12. It's STUNNING!
  13. thanks! it screamed at me from the rack it was hanging i am, come get me.
  14. Oops, that wasn't the one I was thinking of.. but I like this one even more! GORGEOUS.. You can definitely wear it more than a few times a year :smile: