Huge MBMJ bag just cracks me up!

  1. Can we say luggage?
  2. Yes - this would make a nice carry on:smile:
  3. Ouch, my shouders and back! That's a lovely:heart: suitcase. . .where are the wheels. . .shoulder strap?:lol:
  4. ^^^ I missed that bag when it went on sale at Shopbop! Great for travel! I wonder how much it weighs empty. That's what held me back from getting it before. Decisions, decisions ...
  5. anyone know what the Shopbop sale price was?
  6. it says overnighter and the seller wrote it's intended as luggage not a handbag/'s a nice one thought but i have a pan am bag for weekends and think i'd go with a different looking bag leather bag for heavier luggage
  7. i just got back from atlantic city this morning...this would've been a great overnighter :smile: i like i like!
  8. I think it was between $250 and $300. I considered buying it but I'm not going anywhere anytime soon, so I let it go.
  9. i doubt i'd be able to carry it w/ my things w/o injuring myself lol
  10. I believe it was $358 on sale at Shopbop. I should have bought it then as I'm kicking myself now. It would be perfect for weekend trips! I don't have anything suitable so I either take two Herve bags or a suitcase. There is a cream one on eBay but I want brown. Grrr. I should always buy now, think later! :lol:
  11. ^^^ :yes: Always! I'm kicking myself, too, for not picking this up on sale at ShopBop.