HUGE MARKDOWNS on Bag Borrow or Steal!

  1. I was just browsing on the site and noticed NEW, HUGE markdowns that were not there earlier. Check out the site and see the new deals! Makes me wonder if I should have waited to buy my new Prada.:woohoo:
  2. i wonder if you work for the site ? :rolleyes: *sarcastic tone*
    the site is a ripoff...people pay a monthly amount to rent bags and sometimes they are sent fake ones..sad.
  3. The sale was a colossal waste of my time. Most of the retail prices on the bags are greatly exaggerated, so they are not nearly as good of a deal as you think they are. For instance, they were saying the retail price of a Balenciaga shoulder bag is $1595 and they were asking over $900 for it! I believe the original retail price of that bag is more around $795 - which means they are asking more than retail!

    There are a few good deals - probably enough to count on one hand, but overall, nothing to get excited about.

    Annie - sorry if this post is raining on your parade. If you aren't familiar with the real pricing on some of these bags, then it may seem like a good deal, hen in actuality, it is not.
  4. Actually I just purchased a Prada velour bag for 295.00, so I think that was a pretty good deal. They have some reasonable Kooba and Donald J Pliner. Also, Botkier has a couple of what seems to me like pretty good mark downs. I am familiar with some designers pricing (I own Chanel and Chloe purchased at the boutiques) but not all. I will try to be careful. That is why I joined this get external input in buying via the web, Thanks
  5. No, I don't work for the site, I am actually a nurse. I just thought it would be a nice post to inform other purse lovers of a possible "good deal" find. I do not pay a monthly fee and am registered as a guest which allows you to purchase the bags from the outlet. I would never pay to rent a bag, but saving up to buy one is my kind of shopping.
  6. I've bought a couple of bags there; both were very good deals, both were authentic, and both were in mint condition. And I don't pay any membership fees.
  7. Thanks Notblushing. I am new to the site (both this one and BBS) and it helps to hear good things about purchasing from a web site instead of the boutiques.
  8. Ditto for me too. I bought two bags that were perfect and I was very pleased.:heart:

  9. theyve sent fake ones?
  10. WHERE did you get that info from?

    I DO know designer prices and they have great deals on Botkier, Kooba, Chanel, etc. All of their outlet prices are lower than retail on those bags.

    Many of us have bought from BBOS and received excellent, authentic merchandise.

    Are you just making a "general" statement or do you have proof to back up what you are accusing them of?
  11. I DID used to pay the membership fees so I could "test drive" a bag to see if I liked it and for over two years of renting NOTHING I ever received was fake. I own authentic LV among other brands, so I feel as though I'm pretty aware of fakes. I don't think the claim that the bags are fake has any merit.
  12. My only problem with this is that some of the bags in the outlet are neither under the 'gently carried' or the 'never carried.' It had no info next to the bag so I did livechat and they told me it was never used and then I called CS and they told me that it was very used and could not guarantee the condition as gently used (basically beyond gently used). I didn't want to get the purse when I didn't know how damaged or worn it would be. I think you can find some good deals, but unless it said either gently or never carried, I wouldn't feel comfortable unless I could totally return it.

    Does anyone know the outlet's return policy? Thanks!
  13. ^^I believe they have a 30 day return policy. Hope this helps!
  14. You can "totally" return have 30 days
  15. welcome to TPF and thanks a million for posting!:flowers: