Huge L.a.m.b. Sale

  1. I just left woodbury commoms outlet in new york and they have a whole bunch of lamb bags on sale at Saks off 5th

    satchels are now 279 regular price 425 3 different colors

    mini satchel is 199

    pochette is 119

    they also have wallets and larger bags as well
    the bags are in the rasta color, leopard and the blue/grey color
  2. thank you for posting princesslisa.. did you get anything?
  3. Not too familiar with LAMB, pics of the bags?

    Thanks for the info!
  4. heehee, you mean there's still stuff left? I would have thought we Lamb-ies wiped them out!
  5. i didnt get anything but it is def. a good sale! i was surprized by the huge selection i hope some of you here take advantage
  6. Does anyone know if they will do a charge send?
  7. not sure but you can def. give them a call that would be good to know if they do!
  8. :tup::yes:

    I believe they charge $13. I've done this before - and I think it was from this store!

    They also have a coupon BOGO this weekend - see if you can place the item on hold then use the BOGO!
  9. Does anyone have the Off 5th coupon?
  10. I saw a bunch of those are a few Off 5ths that I've been to in the last month or so. One by Fort Lauderdale, Florida and another one at the Great Mall here in the bay area. They don't seem to be going fast.