HUGE iTunes Problem. Help?

  1. I have been listening to itunes on my iphone that I've downloaded for the past few hours. THEN, I decided to download more. I logged into my Apple Acct and did download one, but it only played a portion of the song, and not the whole thing. I had bought it, not just listened, but the playing time was only like you get as a sample to see if you want to buy it. I tried the song (that said 'downloaded') and got the same shortened version - many times.

    Next, I tried a song that I had just listened to the whole song, and it too was shortened. ?? Same with all the songs on my iphone. It had been playing a scramble of whole songs, and now all are short versions.

    I went to my computer and clicked on the iTunes icon, and an iTunes page came up that looked like I had never been there before. NO songs purchased, etc. I looked everywhere for 'help' but what help there was - wasn't the help I needed. I needed TECH help, but there is none.

    I decided to purchase a song on there, just to see if I could. A message popped up that said 'This computer is not authorized.' Whaaat? I DO have a week-old new computer, but one of the first things I did was to add iTunes, and all was well then. (My purchased songs were listed, etc.) My latest iPhone has icloud and my iphone has been working perfectly since; that is, until I tried to purchase a new song, and then *everything* was shortened!!

    Sorry this is long. I am bumfuzzled as to what to do or what has happened. I reinstalled iTunes, told it to 'repair old files' as it suggested. Then - the same thing as before. "This computer is not authorized to buy."

    There is *nowhere* to get tech help on iTunes that I see. Can anybody here help? Or even give me a clue on what to do? Thanks so much!
  2. Let me just ask this: Does anybody know "where" to find out how to fix an iTunes problem? I was hoping someone here might know, as there is nowhere on iTunes to ask for help. I'm going to bed shortly, but I'll check later. Thanks!
  3. the apple tech support team can help you over the phone. I had some problems with iTunes recently (more of an access problem) and they helped me pretty quick. You can also go to the Genius Bar at any apple store. they can help too.
  4. Success! Thanks to both of you. I missed the hours to a live person, but after 4 hours or so, I finally found ALL the problems (and there were many). Yay!
  5. those lil things are kooky.