1. Ladies,
    NM is trying out something new this year called a consolidation sale. They are taking everything from stores that dont sell as much and putting them into high sale volume stores.

    Consolidation sale is an additional 35% the sale price of Last call. So thats like 65% off original price then an additional 35% off!!!

    I went in yesterday and you can get CL shoes for around 150!!!!!!

    RUN to your nearest NM and check it out girls! Good Luck!
  2. what did they have??? correct me if i'm wrong but i heard it's happening in only 11 nm stores.
  3. Will this be happening at any NM stores in Miami?
  4. Selection is very limited. I didn't like much of what NM ordered as is for fall. I did find the Tiger No Prive in the brown/black in my size so I grabbed those. Other than that, I encountered mostly flats from the graffiti line and the metallika booties in brown suede. Some shoes were damaged out as well.

    These are the stores participating that I know of off hand: Chicago Michigan Avenue, Atlanta, White Plains, NY, San Fran, Beverly Hills, Houston Galleria, Dallas Northpark, Short Hills? I am not sure if Short Hills, NJ is or not. I didn't call and it wasn't in the article.

    I bet they have lots of Manolos though!
  5. im sure one can call and do it with an SA over the phone though the process might be tedious.
  6. No problem Velda.

    I did a charge send on them. All of the SAs I encountered were very nice. I think it will just be hit or miss. If you call White Plains, NY ask for Stephanie and Jeff in ATL. Both were very nice and helpful. Like I said, I only bought one pair b/c that's all they had, but was the cheapest pair of CLs I ever got. lol
  7. Items bought at the sale are apparently final sale. So you just have to be careful with what you order.
  8. I called 2 stores and only found the brown suede Metalikas. Those tiger NP's sound great. I had an SA do a search for a couple styles, but did not find them so I will let it go. Looking forward to seeing your pics Asha.
  9. May I ask how much the tiger NPs were? and any suggestions as to which styles to search for?
  10. yea...i'm still trying to decide whether it's worth it to make a trip to NM today. From what Asha is saying, doesn't sound like there are too many styles left.
  11. I ran over to NM in Short Hills today, not one pair of CLs for sale. They had lost of Manolos, Pradas and Ferragamos, but no red soled beauties!
  12. I am going to NM tomorrow morning. Hoping to get some Loubs, if there are any left. Wish me luck.:smile:
  13. Glad I didnt miss out on anything.
    Any good Manolos? Or basically the same stuff they have had on those racks since after Christmas sale?