HUGE Hoop or dangling Earrings ?

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  1. Just wondering. Anyone else into HUGE hoop of dangling earrings ? To me the bigger the better. Started wearing them in my teens and just cannot give them up - lol !
  2. Love Hoops - hubby gets turned on!
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  3. My husband also finds hoops very hot. It's the weirdest thing as he never notices jewelry otherwise. I'm terrified of hoops and heavy earrings because I don't want my holes or lobes stretched. Still hunting for nice lightweight hoops. All the ones I've tried on dragged my lobes down. :sad:
  4. I know what you mean. Lately I've been wearing the really thin ones that are laser cut. I can get crazy big ones with hardly any weight at all. You should try them.
  5. Do you have a link you could share? I'd love to find some that are light.
  6. I love big earrings always have!
  7. I am a big earring girl. My favorite pair are by Ippolita. They are black rhodium plated silver with clear quartz and diamonds. They are three inches in length. I never took a pic of them, but I have a stock pic. They're from the Wicked Collection, which I believe came out around 2012. I found them at TJ Maxx in 2014.

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  8. My mom love hoops so much. It looks good on her but not on me. Any big earrings makes my face look awkward after a while of wearing it.
  9. Gorgeous ! Love the combination of silver and crystals.
  10. Those are amazing, ArmCandyLuvr! As beautiful as they are, they look awfully heavy. Are they painful to wear?
  11. They have some weight to them, but I've never found them painful. they have omega backs. I think that keeps them from dragging on the ear too much.
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  12. I live in a small town and do most of my shopping online. Any favorite online sites for the big hoops. thanks.
  13. The earrings I posted above are Ippolita. They are go-to brand for big earrings. You can certainly purchase from their official site, but I would suggest checking out sites like Nordstrom Rack, Off Fifth, or Last Call for some discounted treasure. Ippolita does have a collection of "classics" in silver and gold. They have a beautiful hammered texture, and the quality is excellent. If you just want basic hoops, that would be your best bet.
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  14. so beautiful. thanks you. totally love their stuff.
  15. I used to wear big hoops in high school, then for the next few years cut any dangly earrings or hoops out of my jewelry rotation--pretty much only wore studs. I did this because I hate heavy earrings, and big ones began irritating my lobes because of the weight. Recently, though, I've been getting back into larger earrings and hoops, especially resin ones because they are super lightweight. Recently bought these from Anthropologie, in both this blue/white colorway, and pink/yellow.

    They're so big compared to what I'm used to wearing, but I'm excited about them.
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