Huge Hammitt Sale

  1.!! I just spoke with Stef Hammitt this morning and she was super sweet! She told me about her 30% off sale for this labor day weekend! I'm soooo tempted to take a dive and get one of her new croc suede bags! :smile: Very lightweight and absolutely divine!!
  2. Looks like they have some beautiful bags!

    Thanks for posting this.
  3. By the way, the croc/suede collection is different than the croc collection.

    If you go to the main page.. you'll see a slideshow of gorgeous croc/suede combos. :smile: She has them in chocolate, burgundy, olive, grey (nice for fall), and black. They have them in 3 styles... Georgia, Ashley, and Jennie.
  4. are those real crocs? or croc embossed?
  5. Croc embossed... but call Hammitt to find out for sure. :smile:
  6. How much are the croc/suede bags? And how do we order them from the site (esp. if they are to be 30% off)? I don't see these anywhere but the home page. Thanks!
  7. BEFORE 30% off discount... the Croc/Suede Collection...
    Georgia and Ashley $395
    Jennie $450

    Call Hammitt directly and they can take your order over the phone. :smile:
  8. Someone in the general section posted about a trunk sale where they got an Ashley bag for around 200? Does anyone know anything about this?
  9. She also has some samples she is selling. The selection is okay, but not great. :smile: I know because the price tempted me, but when I thought about wanting to get the color I wanted....
  10. Thanks! The grey suede croc is very pretty...especially if it has the silver hardware rather than the brass (hard to tell exactly from the website pix)
  11. Wow. I'd never heard of these. They're beautiful! To get the discount you must order over the phone?
  12. I ordered the Georgia in Brandy, but it's a wait. Hope it's worth it. Stephenie is really nice and gets right back to you. Also, for 30% off I thought I would wait and get the color I want. I've been eyeing these bags for a year or so.