Huge Dilemna!!!

  1. OK, My mother and I just got home from LV (where she bought 3 bags & a wallet- so out of character for her, but that is for another thread). While there I got the Speedy 25, Damier, special ordered the Damier Cabas Mezzo, but fell in love with the Manahattan PM.

    Here is the deal. My mom thinks that my sister would really like the Speedy 25 and wants to buy it from me to give to her for her b-day. If she does, that is the only way I can get the Manhattan PM.

    Question is- should I do it ? Should I give up the Speedy Damier 25 to my sister and pay another $600 for the Manhattan PM?

    Need answers fast, my sister is on her way home!!!!! :blink: :blink:
  2. I say go with your heart! Figure out which one you like can always buy the speedy later since it's a bit more affordable :smile:
    Plus if you really like the Manhattan more, you'd be making your sister really happy!
  3. Which do you like more, the Damier Speedy or the Manhattan PM? If you like the Manhattan PM more and you have the extra $600 for it and GO FOT IT! Try to see which bag you love more.:flowers:
  4. This is kind of funny....I was ready to walk out with the PM and the SA (manager) told me to sleep on it!

    I was thrown:smile:
  5. totally agree!!! follow your heart!!! always go with what you LOVE!!!
  6. Alright. Sis is here. Going to see if she likes it and then the deal is done:graucho:

    I knew I could always count on your guys!
  7. get the one you love! :heart:
  8. She loves the Speedy and I want my sis to be happy:angel: :angel:

    Now I will shell out more $$ for love of my sis ;)
  9. i love the manhattan pm :love:
  10. I have the Manhattan PM and don't see anybody carrying it. I live ouside NYC
  11. really? i've seen women of literally all ages carrying it here - youngest i saw was around 15, oldest 60!
  12. I love the Manhattan PM. I want it soooooooo bad!!!!
  13. Great choice tabbyco! Can't wait for you to get the Manhattan PM, don't forget to post pics when you do.:yes:
  14. Great choice, and the manhattan PM is a lovely bag, you'll love it !
  15. Congrat's cant wait to see pic's of your new bag.