Huge CHLOE sale on!

  1. For those of you comfortable enough with purchasing from this website based out of Japan, there is a huge stock of Chloe bags: mini paddies (some very pretty HTF colors!:nuts:) , regular paddies, paddy clutches, betties, silverados on sale! Don't know what the customs would amount to though, to ship out of the country. (Can anyone who ordered from them share?)

    Also, have heard from tPFers who ordered from them, that the easiest way to pay is through paypal. And to make sure your account info when u register coincides with ur paypal info...

    Otherwise (if u don't use paypal), you have to provide them with personal additional information for their security, like copies of bank statements, etc.

    Good luck and please post and share if you do purchase anything! :love:
  2. i have just looked at the website, the only thing that puts me off is they do not offer refunds, apart from that looks good. they have items that i paid alot more on eBay
  3. this has been posted a few times. they're not on sale, they're just the regular prices. some people have been unhappy with their orders, so do your research before buying. also, you might have to pay customs if you buy as well.
  4. I have been frequenting their site for the past few months at least and their prices on mini paddies, certain regular paddies, and some other Chloes have definitely gone down...

    yes, as I have also mentioned in my original post, some people have had problems w/ the site asking for personal information when using their credit cards, but others have not, esp. when using paypal to purchase...

    atelier.naff lists this store as one of the places to purchase authentic balenciaga.