Huge Changes Coming to Tory Burch...

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  1. From my SA at the Wrentham, MA outlet this morning:

    Tory Burch outlets will be converting to only Made for Outlet. No more old stock from retail will be coming through.

    No more repairs.

    Return policy will be 14 days, exchange only, then final sale- no exceptions.

    No more free charge sends. $12 now for any charge sends.

    No return labels provided either.

    She believes this is company wide. I'm asking for further clarification.
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  2. SA just confirmed the changes are affecting retail as well.

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  3. If that's the case I am completely turned off from the brand. I've had way too many quality issues in the past year from my bags to my shoes, all purchased from the regular boutiques. The only reason I'd actually purchased as of late was through the outlet seeing as they would always have transfers, marked down (30% to 60%) along with any additional in-store promotions (20% to 40% off). I've noticed over my last couple visits that everything looks to be made "outlet-specific" based on the colours and slight modifications made to the boutique style bags. My favorite SAs have also all left and I've also seen a drop in their customer service with the SAs that I've shopped with recently including management. Do you know if the repair policy is in place for regular boutiques as well?
  4. If they are no longer accepting repairs I have zero reason to shop at TB seeing as all the bags and shoes I've bought from retail boutiques needed repairs within the first 6 to 12 weeks of being used.
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  5. Exactly. I bought a wristlet that the D ring broke off in the first week. They're going to go the way of Coach and MK. It's sad. :sad:
  6. Exactly! For a contemporary brand their price-point has always been higher than MK and Kate Spade but I never minded, seeing as the customer service was superior and I loved the styles. I no longer see the same level of service, the quality has completely diminished, and I don't see the value in the brand anymore. My reason for going to outlets is to find older styles I may have missed out on and also items from sales/clearance because we don't always get everything on the website in Canada - not to own something from Tory Burch at a discount, as I see with many people. Creating outlet-specific pieces is only going to dilute the brand's reputation in my opinion. Less people will shop from the boutique and the outlet style bags will begin flooding the market just like with Kate Spade.
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  7. The outlet changes are supposed to be effective by September. They are still clearing out old stock which is why we keep seeing the 40% off sales. As far as retail, I have not heard anything about discontinuing repairs. That seems silly and will deter shoppers. I can understand repairs not applying to outlet bags though. I don't know anyone, myself included, who goes to the TB outlet for "outlet only" bags. I avoid them like the plague because the difference in quality is noticeable.
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  8. That would make sense about the ongoing 40% sales. I completely understand not offering repairs for outlet items but as for my bags purchased at retail I expect that, even if it costs me. In regards to people shopping at outlet for TB it's unfortunately common where I am. I know several people (co-workers, extended family members, and acquaintances at school) who only purchase outlet styles.
  9. If TB stays at this price point then not offering free repairs is inexcusable. If this is the direction they go then I will no longer be a customer.

    Do you think people are seeking out outlet bags because of limited availability in Canada or because the prices are usually lower?
  10. I totally agree with the bolded part - every single bag I purchased or was gifted from retail in the past 18 months had quality issues within the first 6 weeks of use. I always chalked it up to being a one off or would blame it on delivery. It's why I'm hesitant to purchase but have found loads of transfers at my outlet as it's the only one in Canada. To answer your question I honestly feel like a lot of people go to the outlet to buy at a lower price-point even if it's an outlet specific style (especially since they're always the cheaper bags). I will continue to admire everyone else's TB items but will no longer recommend them to my friends and family, nor will I be purchasing from them anymore.
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  11. I think that there are people who will buy anything to have a Tory bag, most people don't realize that they are now making TB bags just for the outlets. Remember years ago when Coach was big and many, many people where carrying outlet bags around and they didn't know or didn't care. All TB is doing is catering to the masses, does Coach stand behind repairs on there bags? I frankly have a lot of TB bags and I haven't had an issue with mine. I have looked at Kate Spade bags and Michael Kors bags, they just don't appeal to me. I don't know I'm on a lot of the FB pages and lots of those people don't even care if they are buying fake stuff.
  12. I think that's the problem, it's such a popular contemporary brand now that people just want to get their hands on it, regardless of whether or not it is authentic. I work retail and am in university and many of the people (students and teachers) carry TB but 99% of the bags are from outlet. In addition, I cannot even list how many fake TB bags I see people wearing while I'm at work or am going out, which is unfortunate for those of us who own authentic TB. My main issue is that I would still like to be able to have my TB bags bought at retail repaired, even if I have to pay or perhaps offer a warranty or extend the return policy. In regards to MK and Kate Spade, the former has many bags that are inspired by iconic, high-end designer bags, while the latter lacks options in terms of the number styles that are offered. The quality however of my bags by both these brands has proven to be better than TB.
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  13. I guess I don't see it as a problem, we all know how in this price bracket it's rare to find consumers who will commit to a brand. TB just want to makes the money where and while they can. I am going to my local boutique on Saturday and I will be asking about the repair issue on bags purchased at the boutiques. You know how the retail market is suffering and people will take deals where they can find them. I have become quite disillusioned with the clothing lines, not just of TB but many lines. I very rarely pay full price, I only ever buy the TB line at a minimum of 30% off, yet I see reductions down now at 50 a 70%. Why pay full price, I think everyone wants a deal, so hence the push in the outlet market. On another subject....
    I "cheated" this week and bought a Rebecca Minkoff bad in the Nordstrom sale, so I too am not true to a brand.
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  14. Good convo by the way...happy to see some movement on this board!
  15. I totally understand wanting to purchase at a discount - I used to always be the person who would impulsively buy and within a week the item I bought would be marked down. It still happens, but now I try and wait it out since I know things will be marked down. Usually I'd rather buy something that's $650 with 30% off at retail rather than a made for outlet bag for $399 at the outlet plus an additional 40% off. As of late I've really been turned off by the quality but will continue to enjoy others' purchases Also, congratulations on your new RM!
    Completely agree! I feel like the TB forum rarely has any interaction but still a significant number of views and as a result I end up spending time in other forums. Hopefully we're able to get more info on what will be happening at retail stores.