Huge Chanel Oversized Tote In Patent Leather

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  1. Has anyone actually seen prehaps at A TRUNK SHOW the new CHANEl oversized tote in patent leather? Comes on gold as well as silver hardware. Just ordered one for my daughter from Paris. However, it will not be available until mid to late August.
  2. I did, but it's not patent, it's vinyl.
    My NM had a list of 14 by the time I left!
  3. I am sure that NM probably will not have enough to supply the demand. My SA at Chanel in Paris said she was only getting 15 and everybody wants one. I reserved on gold hardware, however we are now thinking about silver hardware. What do you think?
  4. does anyone have a pic? it sounds beautiful!
  5. My SA at NM showed me a pic of it the other day. He also showed me the list of names of people who are getting it. There were five pages full of names. I think he said it comes in two sizes. Both sizes were gigantic! The bag is going to be just under $1,000. I can't imagine it will be practical to have a bag that huge slung over your shoulder. I'm sure if you filled it you wouldn't be able to carry it and the handles would break. IMO, from looking at the pic, it's a very silly bag.
  6. It's not soemthing I could ever carry. . . it was just too much for me. . . I mean too much like too big, to shiny. . .
    not my style!
  7. Hello everyone, I saw the bag at the trunk show in Richmond. I thought it would be alot bigger just from the pictures that I have seen in mags. It comes in two styles there was the vinyl one in that everyone is talkig about and then a leather one that was about $1700 I think. I personally don't see what the big fuss is about, it is different just a little large though. At $995 for the vinyl one that is a really good price.
  8. I was told it comes in three sizes priced $995, $1295, and $1995. There are photos on and in last month's Harper's Bazaar. I'm sure the big fall preview mags that come out in September will have photos as well. I'm supposed to get a call when one in whatever size comes into the store so I can check it out.
  9. i saw it and preorder the medium size one. It was really big.
  10. I just LOVE this bag and am on the list for the small one. From what my SA at Saks told me, they only come in two sizes, small and HUGE :lol:, Chanel 800 confirmed this as well. The bag comes in vinyl, leather and satin.
  11. yes SA at Chanel says it comes in 2 sizes. the smaller one in leather is going to be about $1600.
    It also comes in purple satin. I wish it was purple leather. But anyways I'm on the list for the smaller of the 2 black leather. Is suppose to come in mid Aug.
    $995 is a good price but i'm not to sure for plastic. is it worth it?
  12. I like it.
  13. I saw the bag at the NM trunkshow. It seriously reminded me of a large black trash bag!
  14. lol that's what I thought too when i first saw it in Bazaar