Huge Bust

  1. 20,000 pairs???? :wtf:
  2. I just couldn't resist clicking on this one. lol.
  3. I made a mistake as I thought it was from Chicago Customs but it was really LAX Customs now that is a huge bust it was some where in the neighbor hood of 18 million dollars.
  4. Phew! Glad they got busted!
  5. This was already discussed in the CL subforum... Counterfeit is bad!

    ...but like I/we said, 18M is a HUGE over-estimate cuz that works out to 900$ per pair. Authentic Louboutins can be found for 400$ (or even less if pre-owned). 900$ is probably the average CL shoe purchase.

    Thus who in the world would buy fake shoes that are priced the same as the authentic ones??? Plus... the officer's judgment of "good counterfeit" makes me laugh. Anyone who's into CLs will know that at least 50% of the shoes in the pix don't even exist...
  6. For starters they are so easy to spot as fakes.... Loubs have flat red bottoms not little ridges like in the picture. I agree with whoever said that if anyone is into Cl they would also spot them as fake and why pay 500$-$1000 for fake?!??