HUGE BUST of Fakes in Palm Beach =)

  1. Authorities broke up a major counterfeit operation!!! The 63 year old made millions of dollars on selling fake stuff in 5 years! Big bust! Did you guys hear???
  2. No, this is the first I have heard of it!
  3. They say she sold fake Chanels and LV bags and watches. The inside of her house was like a high-end boutigue, full of all stuff. Fake J12s and Cartier stuff too. Supposedly this is HUGE! =)
  4. Do tell :smile:
  5. When she was arrested there was 16 "affluet" customers in her home, with jags and mercedes, etc. The neighbors always saw people go in and leave with black gift bags. They knew something was going on!
  6. They are calling it the biggest bust of knock-offs in our area!
  7. Everything she sold was fake. She even had fake rolex watches. She had a big supplier in Miami...he was arrested too, because he showed up at her house to drop off more fake stuff.
  8. They are saying many of the designers may purse a civil case too, so she's in big trouble!
  9. Oh, so the neighbors got jealous and called the police? classic
  10. She had business cards and ran her business Tuesday-Saturday, 11-4. Can you believe that?
  11. The neighbors had no idea. They said they would just see a lot of cars coming and going, and were suspicious. It didn't say how she got discovered. I can't believe she was able to run her business for 5 years.
  12. A faker busted right in my neck of the woods. Love it. <sigh> What a shame.
  13. It was West Palm Beach specifically, I believe. Can you believe that. She supposedly had a lot of customers. Seriously, you should have seen all the stuff the police confiscated (sp?).
  14. Where did you see this? I would love to know more since it's so close to me.
  15. On Fox 29 News around 10pm tonight. I'm sure they will repeat the story tonight or in the morning. =)