Huge bags

  1. Did anyone find that extra size handbags are in fashion now? Do you like it? I bought one. I think huge bags make me look slimer, especially in summer. I like it!

  2. I'm definatly with you on that! I have always loved big bags. When Von Dutch came out with the bowler bag, I was the first of my friends to get one and it has been BIG BAGS ever since. I always carry a lot of stuff and I just like the look! :p
  3. I like them b/c i can carry alot of stuff, but then i end up carrying too much stuff lo
  4. Good good! Mine is a brown woven leather bag. Under the weave, there is a layer of shinny paillete
  5. After living in NJ for awhile, I grew attached to huge bags for my daily commute. Though I no longer have a non-car commute in an urban area, I'm still addicted. What's not to love about having everything you may need and the ability to keep your hands free?
  6. Last winter I bought this Cerre bag at Scout in LA for $1100. It has been with me across the atlantic 8 times now and dragged mercislessly around Paris and Copenhagen in the worst of conditions and it barely looks broken in. The leather is amazing and I can't wait to see what it will look like in 10 years. On their site now there is another bag I think may be even bigger than this one and I am dying to get my hands on it.
  7. Yup big bags are still in, and i love having a big bag that i can fit everything into. I really wonder how I used to manage with small bags..that being said I think this trend is making use tote around so much more stuff that really isnt necessary.
  8. It has taken me a while to jump in Big Bag game. I used to carry medium sized bags, then scaled down to small, & now big-for-me. :p Its not nearly as big as some people's I know, but I've found that its soooo nice to have room for the spare car keys & other non-essentials that got tossed aside when I was carrying smaller bags!
  9. Dont like. I look forward to when they're not so popular. Today I was checking out the sale at Hayden Harnett and saw some amazing deals but the bags were so big I passed on them all............

    So, sale alert, check out HH if you like those big bags. There are some steals, for sure.
  10. Big bags seem to be the rage these years but I think you should get one that is in porportion of your body size.
  11. I Love extra big bags right now. They're so practicle and look kl with everything. I agree with them making you look slimmer too! Thats an added bonus!
  12. i jumped on that bagon pretty early on, but i m only 4"7 and find they look a little ridic on me if they r too big. also does anyone find u really dont need that much w u on a daily basis? i mean, u need at least one big bag as a carry-on or for when u need a lot of stuff, but i find a medium is plenty big for everyday use.
  13. I just don't like when my bags almost carry me, not too much of a fan, although my bags have been getting a little bigger as time goes on....
  14. I like the look but I don't quite know how to sport it. I have the hardest time buying big bags...I'm scared that I'll wanna stuff a bunch of stuff inside and it would be too heavy, or what to put in it at all etc.